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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The First Year of 40 in the Books

So next Saturday will mark the end of my first year in my 40's. Since it is one of those times that people seem to fear or not look forward to I figured I would reflect on what 40 has been like for me.

First off, yes...I did fear it a bit. Not necessarily because I don't like getting older, but just for the fact that my birthday number was 40! It was what the number entails and the thoughts and comments that come with it.

So what can I say about 40? 40 is the new 20? Hmm, the new 30? Not sure about that either, because 40 is 40. I don't feel 20 or 30 anymore (I mean I was in bed by 9:30 lasts night and it was a Friday!), but I don't feel 40 either!

Yes I do have new aches and pains I didn't have before. I wake up in the mornings and have to remember to stretch first otherwise it hurts to move, and my back still hurts from Thanksgiving when I helped Chad move furniture (Obviously 40 did not bring me common sense because no I haven't gotten it checked out...I am still as stubborn as ever!).

40 brought the fun boobie squeeze - i.e a mammogram. That wasn't too bad. I mean I have had to deal with female doc visits and child birth so it was a piece of cake compared to those! And...good news...boobies are all good!

Though I wouldn't mind my 20's body back, I am glad not to be a teenager or young adult. I watch Shelby deal with school and friend issues and all the drama and I am just glad to be done with that! I am glad to be married to a wonderful man and not have to worry about finding my soul mate or dealing with the dating world.

However as you get older, your friends & family get older. In some cases, they get sicker and unfortunately pass away. Though this can happen at any age, its more common as you get older. No one lives forever and as I get older it means my parents get older. I try not to think about what may happen but the thought does creep up more than I would like.

Getting older just reminds me how short life is. It makes me realize the kind of people I want or don't want in my life. What shit I am willing to put up with, and what I just need to flush away (ha, see what I did there, hee, hee!)

So honestly being 40 is pretty great! I have wonderful friends and family, a good job, a roof over my head,  a loving husband and a beautiful, smart daughter. So bring on 41...I'm ready for ya!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stephanie Pederslie's A Christmas Carol

So every week at work someone will post a riddle or question on a white board. This last week it was to name the 4 ghost from A Christmas Carol. Wait, 4 ghosts you say? Right now you are probably thinking I am an idiot as there are only 3 ghosts. Ah but think about it a little harder. Uh huh, yep just think a bit more. Have you got it yet? Yep, yep there it is! You've got it! The first ghost is (drum roll please!) Scrooge's partner Jacob Marley (that one took a bit longer didn't it?), then we have the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. But I know you already knew those!

So you may be going, why write a blog post about the Christmas Carol ghosts? That seems kind of lame. In fact we all know the story so well and have seen it in a variety of formats and versions, why reincarnate it again?

Well this question got me to thinking - what if I was to be visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future? What would they show me and what might I learn from my adventure?

Well let's see, shall we!!??

The Ghost of Christmas Past 
She would show me a shy (but very cute!) little girl. She would probably just shake her head and if she could speak (the ghosts never did speak did they?) would say "Dude child! Just speak! What is the worst they can say?" She would push me into situations that may have been a bit uncomfortable but that would help me come out of my shell and grow a bit as a person.

She would also probably go "Really? Did you just have to be mean to that girl? Was that really necessary? How would you like it if they had treated you the same way?"

To the fun and adorable teenager she would continue to push me into those situations that freaked me out and would encourage me to be a bit more talkative to the boys.

The Ghost of Christmas Present
I think this ghost would tell or show me only a handful of things. Things that if I was really honest with myself, I would already know.

  1. Don't live in the past - been there, done that, bought the t-shirt
  2. Don't dwell on things you cannot control. Situations won't happen the way you want, people will be jerks. All you can do is determine how you are going to handle it and move on
  3. Keep your (real) friends close and your enemies far, far away. In other words, get rid of those toxic people that don't need a place in your life. As much as you want to give them the benefit of the doubt, they just aren't going to change
  4. Live each day like it was your last (well for the most part!) Enjoy the sunshine, your child's laugh, your cat playfully swatting at your shoelaces, your dog giving you that pitiful puppy dog face because she wants a bite of your dinner
The Ghost of Christmas Future 
In my version of this story I really hope this ghost isn't as depressing and frightening as the one in the other stories. I hope people aren't enjoying holiday dinners or parties laughing at my expense or that the ghost shows me my grave!

What I do hope this ghost shows me is someone who has continued to seek out good people to have in her life. Someone who works hard and is rewarded for what she does. That she is that friend that everyone knows they can go to for anything.

She is the wife who continues to let her husband go on his adventures and continue to work on his hobbies. She is the mom to a beautiful and wonderful daughter that continues to be stubborn (no matter how many gray hairs it gives her mommy!), because that stubbornness will make her a strong individual that won't let anyone push her around.

Most of all I hope that my future self is someone that takes time for herself, and knows that even though things won't always go her way that she is special and loved and has many, many people that couldn't imagine their lives without her.

Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful.
                                                                                    ~ Unknown

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Sunday, November 29, 2015

I'm Thankful For...

So I have seen so many people post what they are thankful for this month. You know, the whole Thanksgiving Holiday thing :) . Well first off...I have stayed away from doing that because 1) Shouldn't we be thankful all year? and 2) Everyone else is doing it and...I am not one to follow the crowd! But...the more I thought about it, the more I thought...Why not! I have so many things to be thankful for (year round!)

So here we go! (and I will do 30 since 1) It's a nice round number and 2) There are 30 days in November. If I was really ambitious I would do 365 items but...yeah no! :)

I am thankful for:

1) My wonderful husband and soul mate. 16 years together and 15 years of marriage and I still love him! He makes me laugh every day and totally gets me, probably more than I get me!
2) A beautiful, caring daughter who is smart and has a great sense of humor. Though we butt heads regularly I just know this makes her a strong individual that will never let anyone push her around
3) Parents and in-laws that are (mostly) healthy and are around to watch my daughter grow up
4) The fun relationship I see my daughter developing with her grandma
5) A job, even though right now it is a contract position (which equals no time off). I am just thankful to be employed and doing something I enjoy and working with some wonderful people who don't mind my endless questions!
6) That even though I was unemployed this summer that I could collect unemployment and got to spend some extra quality time with my daughter
7) All my friends and family that stood by me as I dealt with a very toxic person/situation who made me doubt myself as a person and my abilities
8) A roof over my head though there are times I just want to torch it and start fresh! I am thankful I have a house that I have to clean and that for the most part...it's in good shape!
9) For a nice newer car that I know is going to be pretty reliable (and with new snow tires should hopefully get me around pretty well if it snows!)
10) That I have been blessed with a sense of humor and have friends and family that totally get it and don't think less of me because of it!
11) That I got to co-coach a wonderful bunch of cheerleaders with a awesome partner in crime
12) Coffee! Need I say more???
13) The endless supply of books because I just love to read
14) My furry animals that make me laugh and love me unconditionally
15) Chocolate because what would a world without chocolate be?
16) People that will support my various business adventures no matter how pushy or annoying I may be trying to promote it!
17) A wood stove that my husband keeps a fire in during the winter
18) The fact that my daughter is now old enough that she is pretty self reliant (but let's face it, she is still a kid so will try to get mom and dad to do stuff for her that she is totally capable of!)
19) Thursday nights because I get to watch hot guys on my TV screen for an hour
20) That my dear husband let's me drool over said hot guys on Thursday nights!
21) Warm fuzzy socks and flannel pj bottoms for those cold days where I am just vegging around
22) Wonderful and crazy sister-in-law's that I actually like
23) A pretty decent childhood that didn't screw me up too much for adulthood!
24) New friends, old friends, and those in between friends that have all brought a little something to my life and has helped shape me into who I am today
25) Thumb holes - those things are just AWESOME!
26) Heated seats in my car. I mean whoever thought of that was a genius!! I thank you and my butt thanks you!
27) My Health. Oh sure, I have a bit of arthritis in my hands, an ache in my foot every morning but for the most part I am ready and able and have no serious ailments
28) Facebook. Yes I said it. I am thankful for Facebook. Though it can be somewhat debilitating at time it has connected me (or reconnected me) with people that have helped me through situations or made me laugh on days where I just wanted to curl up into the fetal position
29) Pinterest because I sure couldn't come up with some of this crap on my own!
30) Each day that I get to live another day, breath another breathe, see another sunrise and to love and be loved!