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Monday, December 11, 2017

Stephanie's (I mean the Pederslie's!) Annual Christmas Letter

So I thought to myself…How can I jazz up the Christmas letter this year? So I took to the internet for some ideas, which makes me wonder what I did before the internet. I mean I don’t think I have had an original idea since….1999. Any who….Here are some of the ideas that are out there:
  • ·       Have a child write it - Done it, though honestly I wrote it from Shelby’s perspective because well I am OCD like that!
  • ·       Announce that Year’s award for various family members - Though some of the awards I would like to give out probably aren’t Christmas Letter appropriate!
  • ·       Write from the perspective from a dog, cat, bird or hamster – This one intrigued me, and our pets are pretty spunky and smart so…you never know, they may interject a bit later on!
  • ·       Write a Family Recipe – Here is the thing….We are not a cooking family. You want to know what I make for dinner…reservations!! Most of my recipes are passed down to me from…the internet! (It’s everywhere!)

So I think for now I will just go with what has worked in the past. I start at the beginning of the year and go month and month and write about what happened that year. Unfortunately this is not as easy as it sounds as I can’t even remember why I walked into the other room, and you all expect me to remember back to January?? That was like 11 months ago! But…I will try….
So some of the biggest news….It’s a boy!! I found out that I have a half-brother named Todd! He is about 9 years older than me and lives over in Eastern WA part of the year and Florida the other part. We have been able to meet up a few times. There is definitely a family resemblance (or what I like to call smartass-ness). It is really funny to see how genetics play into it all even when you don’t grow up together! I like to call him Brother 2.0! I always wanted more siblings, however, I would have preferred a sister! J
Fast forward to spring (OMG, seriously I do not think anything exciting happened between January and June!). Shelby graduated from 8th grade. Yes, graduation from 8th grade is a thing, with a moving up ceremony and everything. My friend and I chuckled as we sat together and the teachers started to go through all the academic awards because we knew our girls, who even though they are smart girls, aren’t the most academic or grade oriented. So image both of our surprise when they called out Shelby’s name for an Art award!! Once the initial shock wore off, I think we both got a little choked up, as did Chad. Our daughter got an award, a MAJOR award!
The end of 8th grade also brought her 8th grade dance. A few other parents and I helped plan it. Though they nixed our original 80’s theme (but don’t fear kids…I will make sure you have an 80’s themed dance before high school graduation!), they did seem to enjoy the dance. The theme was “Hollywood Nights” with a red carpet, and Oscar and everything! I never heard a bad thing about the dance and I think most of the 8th grade class was in attendance so I think it was a job well done!
Summer involved the usual – Shelby and her friends swimming. This year Chad rigged up a heater so the pool water was actually warm! Well…warmer than it has been in years past. Pretty sure that kid of ours is a fish with the way she swims all summer long! We also took a few trips over to the property.
What would our annual Christmas letter be without a few new additions to the family? Well I already mentioned one of them, but we have added a few more! And as usual one was of the furry variety and one was of the metal variety.
We brought home a little bundle of furry, a Maine Coon kitten that we named Nova (because all of our other “kids” are named after vehicles so we couldn’t break the mold). I seriously feel like I have 4 kids!! I am constantly spouting off some name and telling someone to stop it! Sometimes I don’t even care if the name I spout off isn’t even one of theirs. It’s my tone of voice, they will know I am upset! It has taken awhile but I think the kids are all now getting along and we can hopefully all live in peace!
Then we bought a Thing. I know you will ask, what thing? And I will respond with a Thing! As in a VW Thing. We thought about getting it for Shelby’s first car but Chad wants something a bit safer (i.e. air bags and crash zones, etc.) so we will fix it up and bum around in it this summer or sell it and get something else for her.
Shelby started high school in September. So hard to believe that my baby is a high schooler! Suddenly she is noticing boys (HOT upper classman), is wanting to go to dances (her and her BFF went to Homecoming, they were so gorgeous!), and went to football games to hang out w/her friends. She didn’t make cheer this year, which was kind of sad, but we did go to cheer on her friend, or as I like to call her Daughter #2, who did make the squad. She also turned 15 in November and started Drivers Ed. WARNING: Stay off the roads! I repeat, Stay off the roads!!!
On a less than positive note I did find out my job will be moving to Nashville in June 2019. It sucks because I really do LOVE the people I work with but it is what it is and…June 2019 is still a ways a way. Plenty of time for me to determine what I want to do when I grow up! Chad also had news in the job department. He actually left Honeywell! Definitely an end to an era. He had been there almost 20 years! He works for another Aerospace company which is still close to home.
Other than that we are just up to our normal junk – working on hot rods (that would be Chad of course…. J), scrapbooking (again Chad…JK…that would be me!), dance, piano and guitar (Chad again….ha, ha…nope that would be Shelby).
And so another year is coming to an end. I look back at pictures of Shelby that aren’t that long ago, maybe 4 years, and I am just amazed at how much she has grown and it makes me realize how quickly time goes by. I try to take a step back and enjoy all the little moments as I know they will go by so quickly and that life is precious. Though there are good days and bad days I am just thankful for my loving family, a husband that spoils me and who makes me laugh, a daughter that just makes my heart swell (even though I also want to strangle her most days!), pets that are happy to see me when I come home (okay, maybe only the dog does that!) and friends that get me and are always there to led an ear when I need it most.
So here is a big Christmas hug to all of you that are reading this (all two of you – Thanks Mom and Chad!). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Saturday, January 21, 2017

The First Year of 40 in the Books

So next Saturday will mark the end of my first year in my 40's. Since it is one of those times that people seem to fear or not look forward to I figured I would reflect on what 40 has been like for me.

First off, yes...I did fear it a bit. Not necessarily because I don't like getting older, but just for the fact that my birthday number was 40! It was what the number entails and the thoughts and comments that come with it.

So what can I say about 40? 40 is the new 20? Hmm, the new 30? Not sure about that either, because 40 is 40. I don't feel 20 or 30 anymore (I mean I was in bed by 9:30 lasts night and it was a Friday!), but I don't feel 40 either!

Yes I do have new aches and pains I didn't have before. I wake up in the mornings and have to remember to stretch first otherwise it hurts to move, and my back still hurts from Thanksgiving when I helped Chad move furniture (Obviously 40 did not bring me common sense because no I haven't gotten it checked out...I am still as stubborn as ever!).

40 brought the fun boobie squeeze - i.e a mammogram. That wasn't too bad. I mean I have had to deal with female doc visits and child birth so it was a piece of cake compared to those! And...good news...boobies are all good!

Though I wouldn't mind my 20's body back, I am glad not to be a teenager or young adult. I watch Shelby deal with school and friend issues and all the drama and I am just glad to be done with that! I am glad to be married to a wonderful man and not have to worry about finding my soul mate or dealing with the dating world.

However as you get older, your friends & family get older. In some cases, they get sicker and unfortunately pass away. Though this can happen at any age, its more common as you get older. No one lives forever and as I get older it means my parents get older. I try not to think about what may happen but the thought does creep up more than I would like.

Getting older just reminds me how short life is. It makes me realize the kind of people I want or don't want in my life. What shit I am willing to put up with, and what I just need to flush away (ha, see what I did there, hee, hee!)

So honestly being 40 is pretty great! I have wonderful friends and family, a good job, a roof over my head,  a loving husband and a beautiful, smart daughter. So bring on 41...I'm ready for ya!!