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Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Walking on Sunshine

Or in this case, I am holding the sunshine!! I saw this trick in a scrapbook magazine and finally had a chance to try it out. See, I am not really holding the sun! I just put my hand up in a way that makes it look like I am! Hee, hee!!

So this past weekend I went to Ocean Shores with my friend and her girls. It was a log of fun, though the weekend was not long enough. I wish the ocean was a bit closer. It is about 4 hrs away but then there is always traffic.

So tonight Chad came to me as I was in the garden and goes "Do you want a bite?" Not usually an odd question but usually this would be said in the house at the table, or at a restaurant. So see, it seemed kind of odd to hear it in the garden. But he had a snap pea. A snap pea that had grown in our garden! How cool is that??!! Now if everything else would just grow! And if something would grow off of that big plant. Then we can determine if it is a plant we planted or if it is an out of control weed! But maybe weeds are good! We will see!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


It was a beautiful night for an outdoor movie night! And it was such a good turn out! Lots of kids running around and having a good time. And we met neighbors we have never met before and we have lived here 4 years!! We are so antisocial!! :)

Of course now I feel ca-ca. Damn allergies! Good thing that Shelby, McKenna & Conner can entertain themselves as I have no energy to chase after then. I layed in bed this morning just listening to them bicker (and Shelby throw a little tantrum) and was like "Hmm, this is what it would be like to have more than one kid" and then thought "Hmm, no I am good with one!"

So did I mention that my dearest friend Nikki, who lives in Phoenix, is coming up in September? She is going to go to the Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana) concert with us. I am SO excited!

So if you are reading this it means you are also listening to some music in the background. I LOVE music! Isn't it amazing what feelings/thoughts it can invoke within you? Or what memories it may conjure up? I really think I should be the person who picks out music for TV shows and movies because I constantly hear a song and go "Ooh, that would be good for a scene like this..." I will hear songs on TV or movies and like them so much I have to download them. Luckily with the internet it is so easy now to find the songs you want. Thought it does kind of take away from the search. There isn't too much of a thrill when all you have to do is type in a few words and there is your song! I mean there is no month long search as you collect or eliminate clues in getting your song!

Okay, time to post a few pictures from last nights movie night (and if you are reading this and did not come last night, you will have to come next time!) and to do something with my day.