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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hooray, Hooray Spring is here!

At least I hope it finally is! I heard the birds chirping, saw the bees buzzing around and I could actually stand outside in my PJ's (no winter coat or boats to finish off my outfit) when I took the puppy out this morning. And I just looked out the office window and was blinded by this BRIGHT light! Oh joy!!

Today Shelby & I are meeting our friend Jen (Auntie Jen) and her two girls for lunch and a playdate. I think Jen only agreed to it because I said I would bring along the new CTMH Idea Book (which customers can't start buying from until May 1st!) Shelby got very excited when I told her what we were doing for lunch.

So as I mentioned earlier I am sitting in our office. Now this might not sound unusual to most people but if you knew that I usually sit on the couch downstairs, watching TV with a laptop on my lap, you would find this odd. Well it is with my deepest sorrow that I must report that my laptop has died. There was just no way to save her. We tried what we could but she was just in so much pain and all her vital organs had basically shut down. What sucks is that she went so suddenly and without any warning that I could not retrieve any information off of the hard drive. All of my emails are gone, along with contact info and anything I had saved to the hard drive. It was a sad, sad day when she left us :(

My daughter is yelling at me to get dressed (and just so as to not burn a frightful image in your head, I am not sitting here naked, I have a robe on!) so on that note I will bit a farewell until I have something more interesting to write about!