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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I need a niche

I am in a rut. I need a niche. Something I am good at (besides scrapbooking). Everyone has these cool blogs out there - Single Dads, fed up moms, single ladies, organized ladies. What do I have? Some boring old blog about me and my boring 'ol family. No cool tips, techniques, ideas or words to the wise.

What is my niche? I want to be that blog where everyone goes "Hey do you read Steph's blog?? Her last post was so insightful. Sigh, I wish I had a blog like hers" What hasn't already been done?? I mean I what the cool blog where the people read the posts and bought the t-shirt....

So faithful readers (are there any actually out there?) what are your thoughts??

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Baaaa-cccc-kkkkk!

And I am sure you were just riddles with worry wondering where I was and why I wasn't blogging. I am not sure why it seems to have happened, but my life has been boring the past several months (if not longer). I mean I had so many wonderful and witty posts when I first started this blog, I was constantly thinking throughout the day "I need to blog about this or that" and now....nothing Sad
Have I lost my wittiness? Is Shelby just not saying or doing cute things anymore? What is wrong with me!?!?! Have I become the B word? Have I become...BORING!?!?!?

I guess I should be thankful that I live a boring lifestyle - I am not good with drama and/or stress.

So the other day I had a fellow parent and PTSA member come up to me and say "Hey your name came up in one of our meetings". The first thought that goes through your mind is always "Oh crap! What bad things are they saying about me now??" Luckily that was not the case and I was actually asked if I would be interested in becoming more involved. It is at this point that I dream of winning the lottery, quitting my job and enjoying a life of leisure where I can help at Shelby's school whenever I want, enjoy sitting at Starbuck's sipping a tall, non-fat mocha in the middle of the day for a few hours, and not have a care in the world. Oh but alas, I am but a wee minion who is meant to work my little fingers to the bones.

Am I getting any sympathy here? Any?? Come on, just a little??

And now to come up with my witty closing remarks........



Life and and prosper???

Until next time.....