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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Meeting the teacher, attending the fair and buying school supplies,...Summer is almost over :(

So it seems that summer is quickly coming to a close. And unfortunately I don't know if we really had much of one this year! We had a few hot days here and there (and to be honest...a lot of them were TOO warm for me)but I don't know if I am ready for rainy days and cold nights!

I will have you know that I am fighting on having to wear shoes and socks as long as I can! So this may mean that you see me walking through snow in summer sandals! The thought of wearing socks and shoes on my feet just sound so stifling! I don't wanna do it! My toes need to breathe!!!!!

So in a few days my little girl will be starting kindergarten. I have relaxed a bit now that we have visited her classroom and met her teacher. And she seems excited about riding the bus now! Before when I told her she would be riding a bus she said "No, you will be dropping me off" We will be adjusting our work schedule (Working from 9-3 in the office and then a few hours before and after at home) We will see how that works. But it means only having to pay for All Day kindergarten (about $330) which is more the half of what we were paying for preschool!

Speaking of preschool...I got such a nice call from Shelby's preschool teacher on Thursday. It was Shelby's last day and we had gotten her teacher a little gift. One of the items was a much from Starbucks. It had an insert that Shelby colored. She drew a picture of herself and of her teacher. Her teacher just LOVED it and said she even cried. And I guess Shelby followed her around all day and kept giving her hugs. My little girl is just a compassionate little girl! It amazes me how caring she is!! Must get that from me! ;)

Gets her stubbornness from me too. Remember a few posts back where I said she had a loose tooth. Well she has two now and both still have not come out! And the one is VERY loose. I try to wiggle it but she won't let me and she makes sure to eat food on the sides of her mouth. I tell her that the tooth fairy will come and leave her $$ but it doesn't matter to her! Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn!!

So we went to the fair yesterday. That was fun and no rain! Though it was muggy during the day (and I was wearing socks and tennies - My feet could not breathe!!)but it got quite breezy by the time we left. We had scones, elephant ears, checked out the animals, Shelby went on a few rides (and we talked her out of a fish!) We checked out this cool curling iron (that cost $129!!! YIKES!), I got a cool magnetic bracelet (let's hope it helps with circulation and stuff and my wrist quits hurting) and um, I guess that is about it! But it was fun!!

So, I procrastinated and waited until today to get school supplies for Shelby. I had to deal with crowds (and have you ever noticed nowadays how people are so oblivious at stores and just leave their carts in the middle of the aisles???) and empty bins where supplies should have been. But luckily I got everything on her list except for the glue sticks. And I talked her in to the $10 backpack!! WOOHOO!!

So with that being said...Summer is coming to a close. :( I really do like stuff about each season but I think summer is the one that I am saddest to see go. I mean I like autumn and winter as I enjoy curling up under a blankie at home and reading a good book but by the time spring rolls around I am SO ready for warmer weather and less clothes! We will however be making one last summer trip. Friday we will be heading down to the beachhouse (aka the Worldmark condo Chad's parents have reserved in Seaside)for the Wheels and Waves car show. Should be fun!!

And since you probably dozed off about 3 paragraphs ago I will end this post!

I'd rather be scrapbooking but my craftroom is a mess and anyway I am curled up on the couch watching a rerun of Chuck.....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blogs, blogs everywhere....

So my friend (and also my CTMH upline) mentioned to me tonight that she had a blog. And I was like...a friend of mine has a blog and I don't know about it and/or have a link on my blog?? Well she does now! So check out the Bizzy Mom blog! The link is to the right!

And...she doesn't write on it very often but I figure if she knows we are all reading it that she will write more!!

Not much else from me tonight. Things have been pretty dull around here. I went out with two of my closest friends last night and we are all really pathetic! We were home by 11! But it was fun! I think the waiter was hitting on me until my friend mentioned I was married :( Oh well.....

Well off to the last week of summer. Shelby starts school the following week so "summer vacation" will be over. This will be a transition for all of us. A good one but just different..ya know??

Friday, August 22, 2008

I have found a new hobby!!

So I have added a hobby to my life! Granted I don't have too many so this is a good thing! I mean besides scrapbooking my hobbies are only reading and sitting on my butt, which usually go hand in hand.

So a few months ago Chad purchased a new set of golf clubs. His old set he had traded to my brother for something (a car part I think???) Well my brother had them in the trunk of his car and then when he split from psycho be-otch she took the car and sold it and probably the golf clubs right along with it. So Chad bought a new set a while back and once he did I became a bit interested. And tonight...we bought me some golf clubs!!!! I was out hitting balls around in my front yard tonight!!

Here are pic's of my new toy!!! Now to get the outfit, the shoes, a glove, some plaid pants....And you know, a golf cart might be good. I mean that front yard of ours IS pretty big.....

Well in about a week...well more like 2 weeks with this slow start thing the kindergarten classes do...Shelby will be starting school. We went to Kohls last weekend and got most of her clothes. Just need a few more staples and we are done! We started to do a fashion show but didn't get through all the outfits! Here are some! Isn't she just a beautiful girl??!! Gets that from her mommy!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Same Time, Next Year

Well we went to the Motley Crue concert on Friday. Well Crue Fest actually. Motley Crue was the headlinder (duh!) and the other bands were Papa Roach, Sixx:AM, Buckcherry, and one other one I have never heard of nor did we get there in time to see.

Speaking of not getting there in time...We left work at 3, the concert started at 5. It should not have taken 2 hrs but it did! We got there after 5! But like I said, I never heard of the first band so no skin off of my nose on that!

What great people watching! The world is full of such a vast group of people! The most fun were the lady with the too tight pants, too short shirt and her muffin top pokin out in between the two pieces of clothing. She seems um, a little out of it (aka drunk and/or stoned) and kept wrestling with her friends and her kids. Yes, you read me correctly - kids! There were kids there! Like between the ages of 6-8! Amazing! Then there was the drunk guy and his friend next to us. Several times we chased after the drunk guy to bring him back to his friend! :)

So the morning of the concert I asked Chad which car we were driving that day. He said the Landcruiser because it would be easier to find after the concert. Smart guy! Smarter then the Yellow Shirt girls. First off...the one girl wore spiked heals! And the parking lot was all gravel! So after the concert we were sitting in the car, not moving, and watched the Yellow Shirt girls walk by one, two, three times. Chad mutters under his breath "It's a silver Honda!" And that is why we did not drive the blue Acura - that looks like every other car!!

So then it took us 2 hrs to get home too! But...overall we had a great time!! So, same time next year!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Girls Night

So last night Chad spent the evening in a seedy motel with his friend down in Tacoma. Okay, so maybe it wasn't seedy...but it is in Tacoma. Anyway, he was gone so it was a Girls Night at home for Shelby & I. And what a fun night it was....(do you feel the sarcasm just dripping from that sentence??)

I let Shelby pick out movies to watch. We watched The Little Mermaid II (what an oscar winner) and Sleeping Beauty. Then she wanted her nails painted so I, as the nail technician Flora, painted them three shades of pink. Can you tell by my name that we were watching Sleeping Beauty at this time??

Today it is off to Remlinger Farms. Hope the rain will taper off!