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Friday, August 22, 2008

I have found a new hobby!!

So I have added a hobby to my life! Granted I don't have too many so this is a good thing! I mean besides scrapbooking my hobbies are only reading and sitting on my butt, which usually go hand in hand.

So a few months ago Chad purchased a new set of golf clubs. His old set he had traded to my brother for something (a car part I think???) Well my brother had them in the trunk of his car and then when he split from psycho be-otch she took the car and sold it and probably the golf clubs right along with it. So Chad bought a new set a while back and once he did I became a bit interested. And tonight...we bought me some golf clubs!!!! I was out hitting balls around in my front yard tonight!!

Here are pic's of my new toy!!! Now to get the outfit, the shoes, a glove, some plaid pants....And you know, a golf cart might be good. I mean that front yard of ours IS pretty big.....

Well in about a week...well more like 2 weeks with this slow start thing the kindergarten classes do...Shelby will be starting school. We went to Kohls last weekend and got most of her clothes. Just need a few more staples and we are done! We started to do a fashion show but didn't get through all the outfits! Here are some! Isn't she just a beautiful girl??!! Gets that from her mommy!!

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Emily said...

I got some golf clubs several years ago and have only been to the driving range a couple of times- we should go hit a bucket of balls together!! I am too afraid to step out on an actual course! =)