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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Oh it is that time of year again. Where we reminisce about all the good and bad of the previous year and set goals or resolutions for the new year. Or if you are like me, you just consider it another day and really couldn't give a flying fig about any of it.

Honestly I can barely remember this past year. And yes I was sober and/or conscience for most of it. Usually every year I write a Christmas letter recapping the past year and this year I didn't because, well, there was nothing to write about! No exciting trips, no job promotions, we are all another year older. Well Chad & Shelby are. I am still 29! There were sad moments I am sure. There were happy moments...I think. People irritated me, people made me laugh. I set goals, I broke goals. Basically as Chad would say "Same Shit, Different Day"

However I will set some goals for the new year, and for the most part I did sort of good at meeting (or at least working towards) some of these this past year.

1) Make sure to include fun stuff on my to do list (Scrapbooking, reading) because these things are are just as important, if not more so then chores!

2) Exercise more which means taking actual lunch breaks during the workday and walking

3) Remember my Unglued bible study and incorporate it into my daily life

4) Spend less, which is a mandatory goal since I need to be able to make a car payment every month (bye-bye mocha's...)

5) Live every day to it's fullest as you never know what could happen tomorrow