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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yes Shelby, There really is a Santa Claus

I cannot believe that Christmas has already come and gone. It just always seems to sneak up on us so quickly each year. In fact the whole year had gone by so quickly!

This Christmas sure has been different. With all of this snow I don't think anything has gone as planned. Our Christmas went from 2 days of celebration to 3. We altered our plans from opening gifts Christmas morning to opening them Christmas Eve. I am thinking this might be something we do in future years. Santa will still bring one gift Christmas morning of course! We spent a quiet night at home Christmas Eve, just the three of us and it was VERY pleasant!

This year I was really able to see the whole Christmas holiday through the eyes of a child. Just watching Shelby's excitement over the littlest things was so special. She was so excited to put up the Christmas decorations, to track Santa online. It broke my heart to see how upset she was when we told her family couldn't make it out on Christmas Eve because of the weather.

I realized that I have a very special little girl and I am SO thankful for my family!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Boy this sure has been a Christmas for the record books. Today makes the 12th day that we have been snowed in. Hmm, fitting with it being Christmas. We have seriously had 12 days of Christmas! And really we haven't been snowed in since we have our landcruiser and have been pretty mobile. Until today....

Chad went to the post office in town to pick up our mail. You may be thinking, what is abnormal about that? Well, we don't have a post office box! Our mail is usually delivered! But the postman has not delivered in 3 days. So much for the saying "Nor rain, nor snow, nor dark of night shall keep the postman from his appointed rounds. Anyway, I digress...He went to town and called me a few times because the roads were so bad. Once we heard from my brother later in the day about how bad the roads were we cancelled our plans.

So instead of having family over to our house we just hung out, the three of us. Usually we open gifts in the morning but we opened gifts tonight. Santa will still come tonight with a gift for Shelby and some stocking stuffers. Not sure what our plan will be tomorrow. We are suppose to go to Chad's parents. We will see....

By the way, my husband is SOOOOO awesome! Earlier tonight he told Shelby and I go to upstairs for a bit. When we came down he had this contraption set up in the living room. It was a homemade photo box! So now I can take pic's of all my scrapbook projects to post on my blogs! I am including a pic. The only item we had to take a pic of was videos we bought Shelby.

Overall it was not the Christmas Eve I expected but it was pretty good. And you know as long as my daughter is happy, I am happy!

Merry Christmas to all!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

...Oh wait! That ain't no dream!! That is reality!!

Ugh, we are buried under about 12 inches of snow. We have actually had snow in our yard since Saturday the 13th. This past week has just been crazy. First off (and as you know from my last post) Shelby & I both have colds, so between late starts at school and sick kids, Shelby went to school all of 1 day last week. I took more personal time then I have all year because of the snow and my cold. I worked from home almost all week! I guess I am just thankful that I have that option!

Thursday we had tickets to go see Christopher Titus at the Snoqualmie Casino. I was thinking for sure that we would just bail on it but Chad was not going to have that! So we took Shelby over to Grandpa & Grandma's and made the trek out to Snoqualmie. I am glad we did. The roads weren't that bad and Christopher Titus is HILARIOUS!!
Luckily from this point on we are on vacation until January 5th so I can just veg in my house for the next 2 weeks!! And...it looks like the wind passed our area by...WOOHOO!!

So here are some photos from the past few days. Yes, that is Chad going in to the hot tub last night. Crazy man!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My bazillionth cold this year.....

Seriously, I have another cold! What is up with that??? I know, I know..I have a 6 yr old kid and they are just a walking petri dish. What I don't get is that Shelby gets the cold and yeah, she is coughing and seems a little off but acts pretty normal and doesn't seem to lack any energy. I however get it and am out of commission for days (okay, maybe just a day but it feels longer!) and the thought of moving off the couch (even to go potty) just makes me miserable.

But only a few more days and then no work for me for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! Of course silly me...I not only offered to watch my brothers kids next week but I offered to watch one of Shelby's friends the following week. What was I thinking?

I know what I was thinking! I was thinking that they will help keep Shelby out of my hair and I might actually get something accomplished!

Okay, time to go down some good drugs and go to bed. How pathetic is that??? It's 9:14 and I am going to bed!!!!!! Sigh..............

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Last Christmas I gave you my heart...

Out of all the songs, I am not sure why Shelby has chosen this one to remember and sing over, and over and over and over and over and....well you get the idea....(don't forget to turn off any background music)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Never leave your child unattended...

First off I have to tell the story of the make-up bag.

I bought a MK make-up bag from my friend. Shelby takes it upstairs and a bit later says I have to go upstairs because she has to show me something. I go upstairs and she shows me how the top pocket is mine, the middle two are hers and the bottom one is mine. And she has already gone through my make up drawer and put my stuff in "my" pockets. She has gone and put her makeup in the other two. Sigh....

Now, flash forward to this morning. I get out of the shower and find out that she has been putting makeup on. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara. Granted for a 6 yr old she did a pretty good job, but not good enough where you can go out in public with her wearing all of it. With the dark lipstick she looked like a floozy or that we had been beating her!

If this is how she is now...what will the teenage years be like??!! I am afraid...very afraid!!