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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My bazillionth cold this year.....

Seriously, I have another cold! What is up with that??? I know, I know..I have a 6 yr old kid and they are just a walking petri dish. What I don't get is that Shelby gets the cold and yeah, she is coughing and seems a little off but acts pretty normal and doesn't seem to lack any energy. I however get it and am out of commission for days (okay, maybe just a day but it feels longer!) and the thought of moving off the couch (even to go potty) just makes me miserable.

But only a few more days and then no work for me for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! Of course silly me...I not only offered to watch my brothers kids next week but I offered to watch one of Shelby's friends the following week. What was I thinking?

I know what I was thinking! I was thinking that they will help keep Shelby out of my hair and I might actually get something accomplished!

Okay, time to go down some good drugs and go to bed. How pathetic is that??? It's 9:14 and I am going to bed!!!!!! Sigh..............

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Emily said...

I am just as pathetic! I've been in bed at 9:30 all week! I have been so stinkin tired!

I have to tell you I have the funniest word verification gynedayb. Sounds like something a wacko would yell "Yo, it's gyne day B!" Or, it's my tiredness taking over! =)