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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hello, is it me your looking for?

I am sure all of my faithful readers keep coming to my blog in hopes of a new post and are sorely disappointed when they see there is no new witty and thought provoking story from me. I am ashamed of myself! There are no words to express how terrible I feel!!!

Okay so yeah I really don't care! If you are coming here daily, possibly a couple times a day just to see if I have posted anything new then you need to get a life! Tee, hee!!

So, Christmas is coming up - in case you didn't already know that :) My sweet precious daughter has written a letter to Santa asking for a Nintendo DSi (yeah Santa can swing that) an outdoor trampoline (um yeah, no!) and an iPad (not just no, but heck no!). I ask her who she knows that has an iPad. Her reply "Everyone!" Everyone being her teacher.....So I informed her that Santa is on a budget this year. I mean even Santa is hit by the downturn in the economy right?? She turns to me and says "Santa isn't real is he? You guys are Santa because you say Santa doesn't have money and I know you don't have money" Doh!! But alas...her faith has been restored somehow and Santa will be arriving once again this year.

Speaking of my daughter - we had a parent teacher conference recently. Man, do I have one smart and studious kiddo! She must get that from me! Her teacher says she has a knack for writing and that we should continue to encourage her writing. Finally!!! She got SOMETHING GOOD from me! It's about freakin' time! I mean up until this point she seemed to have only inherited my bad qualities - tummy issues, very stubborn, shyness.....

And on that note, it is off to tuck in my smart, stubborn, santa lovin' daughter.