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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Long time, no post

Sorry there have been no posts recently. Not really too much to blog about. Life has been pretty dull around here.

Shelby is doing GREAT in school! She is getting so good at her reading. She will be starting Girl Scouts on Wednesday and seems excited about that. On Tuesday I will start volunteering in her class every other week. I am excited about this! I helped out in her class last year and just loved it!

Today is a lazy day. I had a killer headache last night that has left me just feeling lethargic. Then we were up at 5 am this morning as Shelby had potty issues. She is prone to bladder infections and I think another one may be developing. I hope not but in any case getting up at 5 am was not fun!

See, pretty boring around here!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just call me lazy....

Really? Nothing since Sept 19th? Either I am lazy or so boring that I have nothing new to write about. Okay, I am both!! Though I did update my blog background today! I love Photoshop Elements!

So let's see what I can come up with to tell you. Not much really. Today has been a lazy day (see I said I was lazy!) We helped Shelby pick up her room and then I had ever intention of picking up my craft room and to start figuring out what I will take with me on my scrapbook retreat this next weekend. But then I curled up on Shelby's bed and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

Yesterday I had a card workshop in honor of National Card making Day. I always hate planning these things because then I get SO discouraged when no one shows up but I was pleasantly surprised yesterday because I had 7 people here and everyone seemed to have a great time! Yay!!

Shelby started gymnastics last Monday. What was exciting was that she was still excited after the first class even if she found stuff to be difficult. She had a very positive attitude and was like "I just have to keep practicing" Touches my heart when she says things like this. It was like when we went to her back to school BBQ and she put a ticket in for one of the raffles. When she didn't win she said "Oh well. There is always next year" I was so proud! Considering last year when she didn't win she threw a fit!

Also, she seems to be just excelling in 1st grade! She got a perfect score on her spelling test on Friday and we were watching a movie last night and she read what was up on the screen!! I am one proud mommy!