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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Long time, no post

Sorry there have been no posts recently. Not really too much to blog about. Life has been pretty dull around here.

Shelby is doing GREAT in school! She is getting so good at her reading. She will be starting Girl Scouts on Wednesday and seems excited about that. On Tuesday I will start volunteering in her class every other week. I am excited about this! I helped out in her class last year and just loved it!

Today is a lazy day. I had a killer headache last night that has left me just feeling lethargic. Then we were up at 5 am this morning as Shelby had potty issues. She is prone to bladder infections and I think another one may be developing. I hope not but in any case getting up at 5 am was not fun!

See, pretty boring around here!

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