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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Full Monty

So today I went with friends to see The Full Monty (musical) at a local theater. Part of me was going "They cannot top the movie" but OH THEY DID!!!!!!

I went to the play thinking that this was a family theater, not licensed as a strip club, they must keep all of their clothes on right? How can they go the "full monty??" Oh but they can and they did!!

It was a wonderful play. Though I LOVE the music in the movie, the songs in the play were GREAT and the actors had WONDERFUL voices. The music was silly, the dialogue funny. I don't think I quit smiling the whole time. In fact after the one guy winked at me (Yep, right at me!) I about leapt over the row in front of me to join the supporting actors at the foot of the stage hootin' and hollerin' and cat callin' at the guys.

So as the final scene comes to a close the men are in their g-strings, they turn away from us, put their security guard hats in front of their peanut parts, turn around and as the hats come off....the lights go down and...damn!! We only see the guys silhouettes. But dang...just knowing they were "full monty" was enough for me!!

If you get a chance to go see this play DO IT!!! It was a blast!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

With this ring...

On September 16th Chad & I will celebrate 10 BLISSFUL years of marriage. 10 LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGG years!! Okay, so it doesn't really seem like that long....most days!! ;-)

So here is our love story:

Picture it Kenmore 1999, a beautiful single girl had just moved in to her own place and her friend said "Let me introduce you to this guy. He will be a good guy friend to have that won't try to get into to your pants" Oh silly, silly girl! If given the chance, yes he would have and he even admitted to that! But I digress....So my friend and her husband invite Chad & I on a double date and even though we had met once before (Chad doesn't remember as he was a bit tipsy!) it was basically a blind date. We went to Ivars up in Mulkilteo where the waiter proceeded to flirt with Chad. Chad & I barely spoke to each other the whole night but I did get to see him joke around with my friends and he made me laugh. We ended up back at my apartment where the four of us played Scattergories and he said I was a floozy just like my cat! Granted I had walked right in to that one by making some comment about how owners look/act like their pets and then how my cat was a floozy because she was throwing herself all over Chad. Anyway, we had so much fun that the four of us went out again the following weekend. Then Chad & I ventured out on our own. Eeeekk!!

We officially became a couple while we were visiting his grandparents in Montana. He asked me to be his girlfriend, bought me a lovely necklace at the Sapphire Mines and then came in to my room late one night and said "I think I am falling in love with you" At which point I replied "Um, well...see...hmmm, thanks?"

At the time we started dating my brother was having some issues with the family so Chad did not meet him until AFTER we got engaged. I have come to the conclusion that this was a good thing because had they met each other beforehand Chad probably would have run for the hills and I would not be writing this blog post right now!!

So where was I? Let's see...Chad was working with my mom on a dinner he had planned for our 2 month anniversary or something like that. She thought for sure he was going to propose that night but he didn't. A few days later I was telling him that and he asked what I would have said had he proposed. I was like "I would have said Yes!" and then he takes a ring out from behind his back and says "What would you say now?" My first thought? "Damn! Backed myself into the corner on that one! I just said I would have said yes!"

So 11 years later we are married, have owned two homes together, have one beautiful, intelligent daughter, and can't image it any other way. Oh who am I kidding?? He images it quite often where he is motoring around in one of his many hot rods, with no kid or dog to take care of. I dream of sitting on a tropical beach having hot young men wait on me hand and foot fetching me fruity drinks and rubbing suntan lotion on my back....Just kidding honey!! Sort of.....

Seriously though I lucked out in the husband department. Chad takes very good care of me and Shelby. He makes me laugh which I just love. AND...he did marry me EVEN after he met my family which just goes to show you how much he must really love me!!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to the best husband a girl could have! I love you Chad!