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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear Molly,

Poor kitty. I think we ran her off :(

Let me give a bit of background on the issue. Two years ago we got our dog. Two years ago both of our cats ran upstairs to never come down again. We kicked them out a few times and kicked them back in. Our other kitty came down on her own last year and unfortunately went outside and passed away (RIP TJ). Molly remained upstairs.

Now here is the thing...Molly has long hair so she sheds a lot and also throws up a lot. Now not that I want to have to clean this up ALL over the house but having it confined to just my bedroom has not been fun. Especially when you hear her in the middle of the night and just go "Note to self: Watch where you step tomorrow morning" But she is a sweet kitty! She would always come out from under the bed when it was bedtime and would snuggle with us. If she wanted to be petted she would gently tap your hand with her paw until you obeyed her. We started calling her "Molly Bob" a few years back because she had cancer in her tail and they had to remove most of her tail. She remained me of a goat....round little belly and a short stubby tail!

Now please note that our cats have always been outdoor cats, so the outdoors is nothing new to them. A few weeks ago Chad decided it was time for Molly to go back outside. Well either she is really pissed at us and ran away to a new home or...well let's just say RIP Molly. :( I prefer to think she has just found a new home where the big ol' mean doggie doesn't chase her under our bed......