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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dear Stupid People and Losers - Part 2

This is to the idiot who decided it was okay to drink and then drive. You already had a court date set for a DUI. Shouldn't that have clued you in that it probably wasn't the best thing to drink and then to drive? To top it off you were driving the WRONG way on the freeway and hit and killed an innocent person!

What part of "Don't Drink and Drive" do you not understand?? I mean the warnings are EVERYWHERE! I am sure there was even a warning when you made that U-ee and went down the wrong way of the freeway.

Did you think you were invincible? I bet that person you hit and killed wishes they were invincible so that they were still alive and could continue living a long and wonderful life.

I hope they throw the book at you, because you deserve it.


A citizen that is sick and tired of stupid people

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dear Stupid People & Losers....

I wish I could slap you upside the head and knock some smarts into you. I do not understand what makes you think you are so special  and can disobey laws that the rest of us have to follow.

I am a good person and I work hard for what I have. Maybe you should try doing that sometime too instead of messing with the system. Yeah I know that you can actually work a job so quit saying you have to be on disability, because dude, that disability only seems to pop up when the word "job" comes up!

Guess what...I work for the car I drive and the house I live in. So please don't ever think you can break into either of those items. Oh and if you come across my bank and/or credit card information please turn the other way. If you feel the urge to purchase items, well you better have your own money. Don't use mine.

Stop stealing from your company, or pocketing the money from that school or club fundraiser. Don't be on welfare or state disability if you are totally capable of holding a job (but are just too lazy to do so). Does that store dumpster have your house address on it? Then guess what, your personal garbage doesn't below there! Get a garbage service!

I am giving you fair warning here. You just annoy me more and more each day. One of these days I may just crack and it ain't gonna be pretty.

An honest and hard working person

Note to readers - Nothing serious has happened to me personally. I am just disgusted by stories I have heard from other people who have had stuff happen and am venting :)