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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving....

I don't think I ate that much but boy, do I feel full!

So I thought I would post a quick blog with what I am thankful for. Though this may be difficult today since I have not been in the best of moods the past few days. But I will give it the ol' college try.

So here we go....

I am thankful for...

*a husband that puts up with me
*a daughter that makes me laugh in the midst of me wanting to strangle her
*a roof over my head, even if it does leak sometimes and a husband that can fix those leaks
*friends that send me messages when they see I am not doing so well
*a car with heated seats
*a decent enough figure (Hey at least my husband still enjoys it!! Wink! Wink!)
*my own personal scrapbook room
*Starbucks coffee
*Chuck on Monday nights
*Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream
*the internet, though my computer doesn't cooperate half the time
*Facebook and myspace so I can keep in contact with friends (past and present)
*my niece and nephew that make me smile
*to be alive to be thankful for all of these items.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My kid is a Genius!!

Well in my eyes at least! We went for our first of many parent/teacher conferences today. Shelby's teacher could not quit telling us what a gem Shelby is. I was a bit puzzled though when she said this was MY daughter Shelby. I was thinking for a minute there that maybe there was another Shelby in the class and the teacher was mixing the two of them up. I mean she said how organized Shelby was, how she listens, behaves. That can't be my daughter!!

Well at least she acts that way for her teacher. That is all I can ask. Basically Shelby is doing well in all areas. She gets a little upset when she doesn't get something right away but her teacher just says to keep her chin up and keep trying. The only area we can help with is sounding things out which we have started to do. But other then that she knows her numbers really well, good at math, etc. etc. I could not be more proud!!

Oh and tonight I was working on the computer and I heard all this noise in the kitchen. I turn around and she had gotten 3 plates out of the cupboard, gotten out sandwich fixings and was making sandwiches for us!!

I am a proud mama!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I met a celebrity....well almost...twice

So if you want to know...I would like to meet someone famous. The closest I have ever gotten was when we went to a Chris Isaak concert and he came in to the audience and stood right in front of us. Oh sure...I could have reached out and touched him but no time to get an autograph (he was singing) and no photo :(

So this last week I was listening to the radio and I heard that one of the actors from General Hospital was going to be in town. I was like "WOOHOO!" because I am constantly looking in my Soap Opera Digest as to where there might be fan events and I am always bummed when they are always in places like California or Florida. But...did you know that the mall he was at (South Hill mall) is in Puyallup? And he was only going to be there from 1:30-2:30. I really didn't want to drive that far (I am sure it is at least an hour away) and then not actually get to meet him. So I opted not to go.

Now my second celebrity almost meeting was actually more virtual. My BFF lives in Arizona and her husband is the uncle of Nick Carter who is in the group Backstreet Boys. They were going to the concert yesterday and were going to get to go backstage to meet the guys. She was going to get a T-shirt, have them all sign it and have the one member call me! But....Nick was sick, in the hospital in LA and the concert was cancelled!! This just proved to me that I was not meant to meet/talk to a celebrity this weekend.

Some day I hope to meet someone famous! That will be my dieing wish. So remember that when you are all sobbing and surrounding me while I am on my death bed - my dieing wish is to meet a celebrity!! So please make sure my wish comes true!!

I'd rather be scrapbooking but...I made the mistake of curling up underneath my down throw and now I am toasty warm and do not want to move!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

36 Days Until Xmas......

SIGH.....................................Time just flies way to fast. I can't believe Christmas is that close. Of course Shelby can believe it and even said the other day "When is Christmas going to be here?"

We received a toy flyer in the mail the other day and she took it upon herself to circle all the items she wants. I did inform her that Santa won't bring her all of that and she just denied that and said that Santa can bring her anything. Now....I don't want to shatter anyones thoughts/beliefs, but....There is no Santa Claus. That would be me, and well this Santa just cannot afford much of anything this Christmas.

I hate that the Christmas commercials are already on TV. Everytime I turn around Shelby is going "I want that!" and I heard her the other singing "The Kmart way, The Smart Way" or whatever they say on the commercials. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! No more TV until AFTER Christmas!

Tonight we went to Costco and while we were there we looked for a gift for her friend who is having a birthday party this Sunday. Well I am sure you can all remember what it was like when you were a kid and had to buy your friend a gift. It was hard, and you wanted something as well. And god forbid that you get your friend something you don't have!! Well that is the dilemna we ran in to! Shelby wanted something and even though I did want to make her feel better (yes she got the tears going) I just knew I could not buy her something as well. Well we did find a gift for her friend and she is upset all over again because now she wants one for her too.

Honestly I just think she was tired. She went to bed late last night and we picked her up right off the bus and headed in to town.

So, yeah 36 days until Christmas. I think I will be making a lot of homemade gifts this year. One, because I don't really know what to get people and two, because I can't really afford much else. So everyone - you are getting scrapbooks, sets of cards, calendars and anything else I can make with paper, glue, scissors and bling!!

I'd rather be scrapbooking - okay, no I would rather be vegging on the couch but I know I should be scrapbooking since my card workshop is less then 3 weeks away. But that is what the extra long Thanksgiving holiday weekend is for, right??!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am P-O-O-P-E-D. POOPED!!

Life has been busy lately! It seems the weekends have been filled with halloween gatherings, birthday parties, scrapbooking and a baby shower. A lot of being on my feet, cleaning and a little bit of stress! I am P-O-O-P-E-D, pooped. In which Shelby said "I know what that means. You are tired!"

So yes, lots of stuff going on. Last weekend was Shelby's 6th birthday party. Friday night we went to Chuck E Cheese with the g-pas and my brothers family. We closed the place down. Then Saturday we did a spa themed party. I went to the dollar store and bought little purses and then bought a bunch of hair accessories, makeup and lipstick that the girls could pick from for their purse! Then I made a cake (out of cupcakes) that was in the shape of a purse. Not something I would try to profit from but the 6 yr olds seemed to like it!

This weekend it was the scrapbook expo on Friday. Today was dropping Shelby and her friend off at Dance Camp (the bit I saw was VERY cute!) and then home to get ready for my friends baby shower.

I think I am done with stuff for at least a few weeks! I hope!! Maybe??