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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I need to chill out...

So Shelby starts 3rd grade in about 8 days. Friday was THE DAY that the kids would receive letters from their teachers for this year. I checked the mail box TWICE by myself before going with Shelby a THIRD time and the mail had finally arrived....around 3:30. Don't get me started on the fact that the mail arrived before noon the next day!

Anyway, so Shelby didn't get the teacher she wanted but she is okay with that. She was even okay with it when she found out two of her friends did get the teacher she wanted. But me, I am not okay with any of it!! I have already started to stress out for Shelby. I am worried that none of her friends will be in her class, that she won't get along with her teacher, that it will just be an AWFUL school year!! Wahhhh!!!! Sob, sob, sob!!!

I guess I just like to be a mom who worries though I shouldn't. Shelby is such a well adjusted kid that she is just like "Oh well, I will just make some new friends." What is funny is that I am always the one that tells her that, so why do I worry so much???

I think it is in the job description "Must worry excessively". Must mean I am doing a GREAT job!

Friday, August 19, 2011


It's the little things that come out of Shelby's mouth that sometimes just make me take a step back and go "Huh, what a smart and/or wise child" I like to call these little bursts Shelby-isms. They make you laugh, cry, shake your head....

So in the past few days there have been a few Shelby-isms that have just touched my heart.

The first one was when Shelby went up to her room and gathered a bunch of stuff to sell at a Garage sale. Then she asked me "Do you know why I need to sell this stuff?" and points outside. "Um, no Shelby why do you want to sell your toys?" "To earn money to help daddy so he can finish building the shop!" Oh so sweet! I didn't have the heart to tell her that whatever money she made would make the most minuscule dent in what Chad needs to finish the shop.

So then a few days later we were talking about the neighbor girls b-day party. Shelby finds some books (with coordinating CD's) and some playing cards that have seen better days. She was like "We can give these to Danika since we don't have money to afford a gift for her" Oooh! Nice thought but money isn't THAT tight. I mean we can afford $15 for a birthday gift. We just have to get better at watching our spending! (or in other words: NO MORE MOCHAS)

But it is a good feeling to know our daughter is aware of the value (or lack there of) of the OL' MIGHTY DOLLAR and was trying to help out.