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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Wanna be in Movies

So you ever watch a movie or a TV show and afterwards just let out a huge sigh and go "Man, I wish my life was like that". Well sorry chickie, this is life and there are no happy endings, commercials or music informing us of what could happen at any moment.

So here are a few things that you will not see happen in your daily life.

  • Traveling down a busy street or going to the mall and finding a parking spot right in front of the store or place you need to go
  • Anyone's problems getting solved with in a one hour time span
  • Having a comment that someone makes during a random conversation be the answer to the problem you have been working (all hour) on trying to figure out
  • Having the man or woman of your dreams make some grand, romantic gesture in front of THOUSANDS of people
  • More often than not, if you are someone else dies, you are pretty likely dead (ie you/they won't suddenly take a gasp of breath and reach out for you/them)
  • People will not take a swipe at stuff on a desk/table knocking everything on the floor just because they are angry or want to engage in hot sex with you/someone
  • If you are a friend/family member are dieing your final breathes will be taken while bundled up under blankets while sitting out on a deck or in a park with a beautiful sunset or ocean view in front of you
  • When you are driving along the freeway and suddenly an overpass ends you will miraculously be able to fly over and onto road on the other side
  • Vampires will exist AND your friends will be okay if you date and/or are a vampire
  • In a town of thousands that your friends boyfriend/girlfriend will come in to the store/restaurant where you are at with his girlfriend/wife
  • You will be able to access your or someones medical file and see right away what their blood type is and that they are not your biological child/parent
Cue the slow, instrumental music and get ready to walk off into the sunset, this is the end.