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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday...to my brother!!!!

Yes, my brother & I have birthdays that close together! As the story goes I came home from the hospital on his birthday. Let's just say he probably was not too thrilled with that birthday gift. And so began the years of coordinating birthday parties and having to share birthday celebrations (like tonight - though tonight was my idea!!)

On another note, my brother went to court today for more legal issues with the psycho be-otch from you-know-where. I do not know what is wrong with our legal system but it SUCKS!!! This woman gets away with EVERYTHING!! I just...don't...get...it. Sigh......But at least she actually showed up with the kids tonight. If I knew I could get away with it, I think I would hunt her down and make sure she was never seen or heard from again (to put it nicely!!!)

So I have birthday money burning a whole in my pocket!! Oh, what to do, what to do! I want new shoes, but I also want scrapbooking stuff. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it seems like so much now but I know that it will all disappear quite quickly.

Okay, I really must get off of the computer as I do have some scrapbooking I need to get done before Saturday!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

So I turned 21 today!! And because of this darn snow I wasn't able to go out drinking! Oh well...I feel like I may have already turned 21 years ago anyway :) Okay, okay!! I turned 32!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here are some interesting tidbits for ya:
* More people celebrate their birthdays in August than in any other month. The two other months in which birthday rates are high is July and September.
* Close to two billion Birthday Cards are sent each year in the U.S. alone, accounting for nearly 58 percent of all cards sent.

* The world's largest birthday cake was created in 1989 it weighed 128,238 pounds, 8 oz. and used 16,209 pounds of icing.

* The most common birth date is October 5 and the least common is May 22 in U.S.A.
* Paul McCartney's Birth Certificate was auctioned in March 1997, for US $84,146. It is believed to be the world's most expensive Birth Certificate.

And on that note...I am off to scrapbook!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Toothpaste Poisonous?!?!?!?!

Okay, so I was brushing my teeth last night. It was whitening toothpaste so I decided to read the back to see if there were any specific instructions. Well guess what......I found out that if you swallow large amounts of toothpaste that you should call Poison control. WHAT!?!?!?!? That is it!!! No more brushing teeth for me!!!! LORD-Y!!!

So I took today off....I decided I needed a de-stress day. It started off pretty well. I found the outfit I wanted to wear right away. I thought...oooh, this day is just falling in to place!! Well that quickly changed! I dropped Shelby off at preschool and she had issues. I think it was because I dropped her off later and most of the preschool kids were already there. And of course when we got there they were all like "SHELBY'S HERE!!" Well she started bawling and reaching for me. It was AWFUL! So I get in the car and reach to get my cell phone. It was in my purse....which was sitting at home by the door!!!! This would have been fine except that I was scheduled to get a manicure at 9:15!! It was around 9:03...and it takes me about 10 minutes to get from downtown Duvall to our house!!! Sigh......But luckily the rest of the morning was uneventful, besides getting stuck behind slow cars and buses!! And my nails are all pretty!!!

So that is all from me right now....I should be scrapbooking as that was my intentions today once I got home. I'd rather be scrapbooking but I just can't get off of the computer!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.....

Nothing really to write about....Just thought it had been a few days so i should write something.

Right now I am sitting here watching Hannah Montana with Shelby. An episode I just saw like two days ago!! :) But Shelby is enjoying it. My friend Nikki, who lives in AZ, is going to the concert tonight!! Hee, hee!! It's no wonder that we are such good friends! I told her that if I lived in AZ that I would sitting right there along side her at the concert! And maybe I would take Shelby along too!!! Ha, ha!!!! I have always just been a big kid though!!!!

So I was quite shocked today when I got my breaking news email about Heath Ledger. It is always sad when a celebrity dies young. And I just kept thinking of his young daughter that won't have a daddy growing up. Makes me think of my own daughter and it just breaks my heart.

Oh-Kay....not much else going on. I am getting excited about the vendor fair my friend and I are doing! We will have a CTMH booth there. I really hope to generate some more business - at least get a few additional customers!! I need to earn a little extra $$ this year so that I am not always breaking even!

So I turn the big 3-2 in 6 days. Ugh.....I always get so depressed around my birthday. I always notice how my mood turns so sour. I think I get my expectations up too high and then am so bummed my birthday doesn't quite turn out the way I want it to. Last year I just decided to think of it as another day and made no big deal out of it. It actually was a very nice birthday!! So...Monday will just be another day! No birthday for me! And this solves two problems. 1) I don't get bummed and depressed when my birthday doesn't turn out like I want and 2) I never get any older!!!!!! Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I am sure she will hate me some day for doing this but I just could not help myself! I will have to remind her that she was excited about the idea!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!!

It's snowing!! I hope it sticks so I have a reason to stay home tomorrow! Funny but I got a call at 3:30 today from Shelby's preschool. She had a slight fever and we had to go pick her up. I told Chad that maybe this all happened (us having to go pick her up) because it meant that we could beat the snow home! Well it took us nearly an hour anyway!! But we are safely home now. And even if the snow has melted by tomorrow one of us will have to stay home with her since she can't go back to preschool until she has been fever free for 24 hrs. YIPPEE!!!

I am also excited because my CTMH upline, Carrie, and I are going to participate in a Vendor fair in North Bend in a few weeks. We did the scrapbook expo over a year ago but that venue was just too large - and there was so much competition. This vendor fair is for a variety of companies (Pampered Chef, Arbonne, etc.) I don't know if there is even any other scrapbook companies that are going to be there at this point. We both hope this will generate more business for us! At least get us a few new customers!! And Carrie is such a joy to work with! We think a lot on the same level so we have been in agreement with what we want at the vendor fair and how we will handle things. She is a great upline!!
Shelby is sitting here checking her temp repeatedly. Funny but by the time we got to preschool she didn't feel warm to the touch at all. But she was complaining of a sore throat. Poor kiddo!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Pederslies


Oh lordy, I am tired today. I went over to a friends house last night for dindin and then we played The 80's game. My friends comment on how I am so good at this game and are praising me on my vast knowledge of trivia. I hate to disappoint them or make them think less of me.....but really I am not this genius that knows it all. Just the silly useless information having to do with TV and television! It actually means I am lazy and have and do watch too much TV!! :) Ask me about events (or sports!) and I am dumbfounded. Anyway, I had Shelby with me and we were out LATE, which didn't sit too well with the hubby, but he has forgiven me! I think the fact that I actually got up at 6:30 after only 5 1/2 hrs of sleep to help him go pick up a project car he & my brother bought, helped smooth things over. So after my little nappy-poo this morning after we got back I am doing better. Shelby snuck in to my make-up while I was napping though. She actually did an exceptionally good job, though she did go back and put on more so currently the make-up is a bit excessive! Check out my other websites as well -

I happened to be reading my friends post and she made a comment about comments. Please note that you do not need an account or have to set up a blog to leave a comment!! So comment away!!

Okay, now turn your heads to watch this video because it took me FOREVER to upload so I am not going fix it and try to upload it again!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

My First Blog!!

I thought I would create a blog so that I could keep everyone up to date on what is going on in our lives. Not much really but I need something else to do besides sit on my bum and watch TV so now I can add to my blog!

Here is a video of Shelby singing at her preschool christmas program. Funny how she sings so loud at home but you get her in front of people and she barely moves her mouth!