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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.....

Nothing really to write about....Just thought it had been a few days so i should write something.

Right now I am sitting here watching Hannah Montana with Shelby. An episode I just saw like two days ago!! :) But Shelby is enjoying it. My friend Nikki, who lives in AZ, is going to the concert tonight!! Hee, hee!! It's no wonder that we are such good friends! I told her that if I lived in AZ that I would sitting right there along side her at the concert! And maybe I would take Shelby along too!!! Ha, ha!!!! I have always just been a big kid though!!!!

So I was quite shocked today when I got my breaking news email about Heath Ledger. It is always sad when a celebrity dies young. And I just kept thinking of his young daughter that won't have a daddy growing up. Makes me think of my own daughter and it just breaks my heart.

Oh-Kay....not much else going on. I am getting excited about the vendor fair my friend and I are doing! We will have a CTMH booth there. I really hope to generate some more business - at least get a few additional customers!! I need to earn a little extra $$ this year so that I am not always breaking even!

So I turn the big 3-2 in 6 days. Ugh.....I always get so depressed around my birthday. I always notice how my mood turns so sour. I think I get my expectations up too high and then am so bummed my birthday doesn't quite turn out the way I want it to. Last year I just decided to think of it as another day and made no big deal out of it. It actually was a very nice birthday!! So...Monday will just be another day! No birthday for me! And this solves two problems. 1) I don't get bummed and depressed when my birthday doesn't turn out like I want and 2) I never get any older!!!!!! Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cpederslie said...

Okay...I said I would leave a comment! Great job on the blog! Now, you have no room to hassle me on the time I spend in the garage!!!! ;-)

Nikki said...

Ohhhh I wish you were there with me! I think I was the ONLY adult there with no children! hehe
Shelby's shirt is on its way to you.

Emily said...

I totally would see Hannah Montana with you too! We watch her all the time at our house- she has some catchy tunes! I'm such a dork- she's my ringtone on my cell- but I really love to hear Maddie singing along with it when it rings!