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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas from Chad, Steph & Shelby (oh and the dog too!)

So this is for all of my internet friends. Here is our Christmas card and letter for 2010

It’s time again for my wonderful Christmas letter. You have been looking forward to this all year haven’t you??

2010 found Chad & I still working at Honeywell (12 yrs for Chad and 9 for me). Shelby finished 1st grade in June with AWESOME grades and started 2nd grade this fall. So far she loves it and says her favorite subject is PE (hmm, not my child!!) We have taken a few trips this past year and are still working on hot rods and scrapbooking. Chad of course is working on the hot rods…I am scrapbooking!

In January Chad surprised me with a trip to LA for my 29th b-day (and yes, I did turn 29 last year as well!) to see The Jay Leno Show. This was in the midst of the late night TV wars so I was a little scared that there would be no show to see! But there was and it was awesome! We also went to Universal Studios – I was kind of disappointed but we did get to drive down Wisteria Lane (from Desperate Housewives) which was cool. We also went to Warner Bros Studio which was AWESOME. Our favorite show, Chuck, is filmed there and we got to see their studio and the actors trailers! We didn’t see anyone from the show but this was a good alternative. We also got to see them setting up for a scene from an episode they were filming. It was fun to be watching the show weeks later and see the scenes they had been setting up for! We also got to see a scene of the new Beverly Hills 90210 show being filmed on the Santa Monica pier. I was hoping to see celebrities just walking down the street but hey…I had this celeb sighting so I was happy.

In February Chad started the permit process for building his shop…here it is 10 months later and we have some lovely flat land in the back. No shop yet but hopefully that will start soon and go quickly. Then I can convert our garage into a large scrapbook room. I mean then we can finally park our cars in the garage!! Yeah that is it……

July we went on a cross country trip – well across some country to Montana and Wyoming to visit Chad’s grandparents and to go to Yellowstone. I think it had been four years since we had seen Chad’s grandparents so it was good to see them. Shelby just loved hanging out with them. We spent the 4th of July there and headed to the quaint town of Hamilton for their firework display. It was an awesome show and we didn’t have to deal with huge crowds like you do for the displays here in WA. Shelby wants to go back next year!

Yellowstone was a blast! It just reminds you of how wonderful nature is. We saw several bears, bison walked right in front of us, some elk, a moose and lots of stinky geysers! We did camp in the park which is a little scary when they tell you to watch out for bears, not to wear perfumed items and to keep your food in your vehicle or in these food boxes they had throughout the park. It got quite cold there at night so between that, Shelby wanting to sleep on our air mattress with us AND then our air mattress springing a leak and deflating on us, it was quite an adventure! Needless to say, we left a day early and stayed one more day with Chad’s grandparents before heading home.

Chad skipped Bonneville this year and we just had a stay-cation at home in August. Shelby & I got together a few days with friends we don’t normally get to see and Chad tinkered on his hot rods. Oh speaking of hot rods….yes we have added another baby to our fleet. This one is a ’64 Studebaker wagon – and get this….it actually runs! Oh sure, it needs work but for sitting in a shed untouched for several years all it needed was a bath and a little TLC and Chad was actually driving it around! I know I said I would never own a wagon but this is different…This here is a classic! Chad & his dad have also been working more on the roadster. It is now painted a beautiful shade of blue and hopefully soon it will be on the road too.

This September Chad & I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. Some days it doesn’t seem that long . I lucked out when I met Chad. Poor schmuck though - he ended up with me! Hey, I am letting him build a shop, that did I mention, will be bigger than our house?? So I can’t be all that bad! We spent our anniversary up on Whidbey Island. It was a great weekend!

As I said, Shelby started 2nd grade the end of August. She turned 8 in November and we did a Hollywood Red Carpet theme – the girls had little VIP bags, trophies and went around getting each others autographs! It sure was a blast! She is still in Daisy Girl Scouts and will be bridging to a Brownie soon. So yes…this means she will be selling cookies in February/March so start saving up now! Actually I am glad she enjoys it as I never did and I think it is a great experience.

Chad has also taken an interest in artillery/guns and tries to go shooting with some buddies from work once a week. He really needs to find an inexpensive hobby!

Other than that we are just bumming around the house and making little improvements here and there. However once you get one done you just realize how many more there are and you get discouraged. Good thing we don’t plan to move any time soon!

Hope you are all doing well and ready for the holidays.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season!

Steph, Chad, Shelby and Harley the dog


Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15: I am Thankful...

that I didn't have all these new gimmicks/techniques to learn math when I was in 2nd grade! They talk about Venn diagrams, Math mountains...what the ?$#!

What is wrong with just adding up the problem with your fingers? That has gotten me by for the past 34 yrs! What sucks is that I want to be able to help Shelby out with her homework but how can I when I don't understand it?? I guess I should then also be thankful for the internet so when I don't understand her homework we can look it up!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

I am thankful for...

So I keep seeing on Facebook how people are posting one item they are thankful for each day. I guess I am a few days behind being we are already on Day 14 of November! I do like this idea and should have done it from the start but since I haven't I will come up with 14 items now!!

I am thankful

1. that I am relatively healthy
2. I can dance because it means I have the use of my legs
3. for the roof over my head
4. for a wonderful husband that spoils me even sometimes when I don't deserve it
5. for a well paying job even though I do get frustrated often!
6. for a daughter that is sometimes smarter than me!
7. for wonderful friends that are there for me no matter how crazy I may act!
8. cars that continue to run (though not always the best) and get me from point A to point B safely
9. for being blessed with the people in my life though they may no longer be with me
10. for the memories those people have left behind
11. for music because it means I can hear (though sometimes not very well - I think they call that selective hearing!)
12. for my daughters stubborn streak even though I want to strangle her most days - it means she has a very strong head on her shoulders and won't allow anyone to boss her around
13. for our furry child because she makes us laugh
14. for my pudgy tummy because it means I carried and delivered a healthy baby girl that has made the last 8 years very memorable!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Shelby!

Where does the time go? Hard to believe that my baby girl turns 8 today. I mean it seems like just yesterday she was crying her head off and....oh wait....that was yesterday! What is amazing is that she keeps getting a year older but I am still 29! :)

Let me tell you the past 8 years have been a real adventure. Shelby in the long run is a great child - smart, pretty, well behaved, funny. However she is VERY stubborn. I still have no idea where she gets that from! We butt heads daily! I just keep telling myself this means she will not let any boys or people push her around as she gets older and that it means she will be some CEO of a large company and make moula bucks and can support Chad & I.

Somedays I think I am the worst mother in the world but then I talk to friends and realize their kids behave just like mine and it has nothing to do with my parenting skills!

Happy 8th Birthday to my amazing baby girl! We love you Shelby James!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear Molly,

Poor kitty. I think we ran her off :(

Let me give a bit of background on the issue. Two years ago we got our dog. Two years ago both of our cats ran upstairs to never come down again. We kicked them out a few times and kicked them back in. Our other kitty came down on her own last year and unfortunately went outside and passed away (RIP TJ). Molly remained upstairs.

Now here is the thing...Molly has long hair so she sheds a lot and also throws up a lot. Now not that I want to have to clean this up ALL over the house but having it confined to just my bedroom has not been fun. Especially when you hear her in the middle of the night and just go "Note to self: Watch where you step tomorrow morning" But she is a sweet kitty! She would always come out from under the bed when it was bedtime and would snuggle with us. If she wanted to be petted she would gently tap your hand with her paw until you obeyed her. We started calling her "Molly Bob" a few years back because she had cancer in her tail and they had to remove most of her tail. She remained me of a goat....round little belly and a short stubby tail!

Now please note that our cats have always been outdoor cats, so the outdoors is nothing new to them. A few weeks ago Chad decided it was time for Molly to go back outside. Well either she is really pissed at us and ran away to a new home or...well let's just say RIP Molly. :( I prefer to think she has just found a new home where the big ol' mean doggie doesn't chase her under our bed......


Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Full Monty

So today I went with friends to see The Full Monty (musical) at a local theater. Part of me was going "They cannot top the movie" but OH THEY DID!!!!!!

I went to the play thinking that this was a family theater, not licensed as a strip club, they must keep all of their clothes on right? How can they go the "full monty??" Oh but they can and they did!!

It was a wonderful play. Though I LOVE the music in the movie, the songs in the play were GREAT and the actors had WONDERFUL voices. The music was silly, the dialogue funny. I don't think I quit smiling the whole time. In fact after the one guy winked at me (Yep, right at me!) I about leapt over the row in front of me to join the supporting actors at the foot of the stage hootin' and hollerin' and cat callin' at the guys.

So as the final scene comes to a close the men are in their g-strings, they turn away from us, put their security guard hats in front of their peanut parts, turn around and as the hats come off....the lights go down and...damn!! We only see the guys silhouettes. But dang...just knowing they were "full monty" was enough for me!!

If you get a chance to go see this play DO IT!!! It was a blast!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

With this ring...

On September 16th Chad & I will celebrate 10 BLISSFUL years of marriage. 10 LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGG years!! Okay, so it doesn't really seem like that long....most days!! ;-)

So here is our love story:

Picture it Kenmore 1999, a beautiful single girl had just moved in to her own place and her friend said "Let me introduce you to this guy. He will be a good guy friend to have that won't try to get into to your pants" Oh silly, silly girl! If given the chance, yes he would have and he even admitted to that! But I digress....So my friend and her husband invite Chad & I on a double date and even though we had met once before (Chad doesn't remember as he was a bit tipsy!) it was basically a blind date. We went to Ivars up in Mulkilteo where the waiter proceeded to flirt with Chad. Chad & I barely spoke to each other the whole night but I did get to see him joke around with my friends and he made me laugh. We ended up back at my apartment where the four of us played Scattergories and he said I was a floozy just like my cat! Granted I had walked right in to that one by making some comment about how owners look/act like their pets and then how my cat was a floozy because she was throwing herself all over Chad. Anyway, we had so much fun that the four of us went out again the following weekend. Then Chad & I ventured out on our own. Eeeekk!!

We officially became a couple while we were visiting his grandparents in Montana. He asked me to be his girlfriend, bought me a lovely necklace at the Sapphire Mines and then came in to my room late one night and said "I think I am falling in love with you" At which point I replied "Um, well...see...hmmm, thanks?"

At the time we started dating my brother was having some issues with the family so Chad did not meet him until AFTER we got engaged. I have come to the conclusion that this was a good thing because had they met each other beforehand Chad probably would have run for the hills and I would not be writing this blog post right now!!

So where was I? Let's see...Chad was working with my mom on a dinner he had planned for our 2 month anniversary or something like that. She thought for sure he was going to propose that night but he didn't. A few days later I was telling him that and he asked what I would have said had he proposed. I was like "I would have said Yes!" and then he takes a ring out from behind his back and says "What would you say now?" My first thought? "Damn! Backed myself into the corner on that one! I just said I would have said yes!"

So 11 years later we are married, have owned two homes together, have one beautiful, intelligent daughter, and can't image it any other way. Oh who am I kidding?? He images it quite often where he is motoring around in one of his many hot rods, with no kid or dog to take care of. I dream of sitting on a tropical beach having hot young men wait on me hand and foot fetching me fruity drinks and rubbing suntan lotion on my back....Just kidding honey!! Sort of.....

Seriously though I lucked out in the husband department. Chad takes very good care of me and Shelby. He makes me laugh which I just love. AND...he did marry me EVEN after he met my family which just goes to show you how much he must really love me!!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to the best husband a girl could have! I love you Chad!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Going without Facebook: Day 6

Hmm, obviously I must not do anything else on the computer besides get on and check Facebook! It is now Day 6 without accessing Facebook and I find I get on the computer, check email and then go "Huh, now what??" I don't really search other websites or blogs.

Quite honestly I don't really miss Facebook at all. A few times I am like "Ooh, I need to update my status to say this" but then the moment passes. I do find that some people have resorted to sending me emails - image that!! They know I am not on FB and will send me emails to see how I am doing and to let me know what is going on. Something I probably would have known had I read their updates! So it is kind of nice, and more personal to get an email. :)

So tomorrow will be the day I can access Facebook again. Will I? How soon? I don't know....Only time will tell.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Going without Facebook: Day 1

So after my terrible mood yesterday, and my grumpy, crabby, whiny statuses I kept posting, I decided I needed to give everyone a break from me and am going to not log on to Facebook for a week. Wish me luck!!

So today is the first day and I must say...I did cheat a bit. I tweeted which automatically updates my Facebook page! But that was only to tell people I am taking a break and to apologize for my issues yesterday. I am going through slight withdrawals though. I turned on the computer and went to the internet to come her to update my blog and what do I immediately type in the search bar but www.facebook.com! Oops!! Hee, hee! But once the page came up I immediately closed it down!

So there will probably be more posts from me this week since, well, I don't have anything better to do on the computer then check email. The only other thing I normally do is go to Facebook. Guess I will get caught up on blog reading too. I mean I follow quite a few but rarely ready what is on there.

Off to purchase some software so I can retrieve my photos that were accidentally deleted off of my camera. Oh joy.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Sale-ing, we went Garage Sale-ing

Now re-read that title to the tune of "Sailing" by Christopher Cross, cuz that is what I am doing!

So today is my last day of my stay-cation. Today Shelby & I went garage sale-ing. Or I should say, I went garage sale-ing and Shelby stayed in the car. I only had $30 and wouldn't say I found any great items or deals or anything I couldn't have lived without but I found a few things I am proud of!

3 sets of flip flops - grand total $2
New set of cute jammies - $2
One of those backpack picnic basket things - $6
One of those thingys that hold your alcohol bottles and dispenses it a shot at a time - $5
The Great Muppet Caper (on VHS no less!) $.50
Cannonball Run II (on DVD!) $1

Garage sales are such a funny thing. When you have them, as I have, you are amazed to see what you think will be the big hitters and what items actually are. Then there are the people that either 1) drive by slowly and never stop or 2) stop but get out and just do a quick run through of the sale. You gotta take it slow people! You never know what treasure may be tucked in there amongst the stuff! And a drive by?? Come on! Do you have super human vision or something and can see all the cool stuff from that far away? Stop your car and get out!

I saw a crum-ka-ka (sorry about the spelling!) iron at one garage sale today. The lady said I was the first person to know what it was. I almost got it. It was $1!! My mom would have been so proud of me! Not that I have the faintest idea how to make crum-ka-ka or ever would....

I am always amazed at the people that think they have enough for a garage sale. Let's put out two items and consider it a garage sale. Now those are the ones I would drive by. At least make it look like there is some possible treasures there people!! Or the prices on some of the stuff - are you seriously trying to get rid of it or just wanted to brag at all the cool stuff you have by setting it out in your driveway and saying it is a "garage sale"?

I was VERY tempted to buy the Atari system and the games. Had Chad or Mike been there I am sure they would have snatched it up right away. Actually I was a bit surprised it was still there.

Anyway, off to admire my treasures again!

Happy Sale-ing!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Law of the Garbage Truck

My BFF Nikki sent this to me and I just had to share.

Law of the Garbage Truck

One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport.

We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us.

My taxi driver slammed on his brakes, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us.

My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean, he was really friendly.

So I asked, 'Why did you just do that? This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!'

This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call, 'The Law of the Garbage Truck.'

He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment.

As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they'll dump it on you. Don't take it personally.

Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Don't take their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home, or on the streets.

The bottom line is that successful people do not let garbage trucks take over their day.

Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets,

so ... Love the people who treat you right.

Pray for the ones who don't.

Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

Sorry that it has been awhile since I have posted anything. I had the post all scripted in my head while we were on vacation but then once we got home I lost all ambition.

We had a wonderful vacation @ Yellowstone though. I think I am still recouperating! I have been so tired lately. It is amazing to see (and be reminded) how beautiful the country actually is. I think we forget to just (excuse the cliche) stop and smell the roses. For Shelby, being ony 7, some of the things she saw were the first time she ever saw them. So it is awesome to see her excitement over seeing some of the beauties nature provides

We also got to spend a few days visiting with Chad's grandparents. It has been FOUR years since we last saw them. Shelby was only 3!! She loved her great grandparents. She was helping great grandma set the table on the 4th, was already giving crap to great grandpa (which I think he loved!) and just seemed to love Montana. In fact she said "People are nicer here. They are polite and open doors for you. We need to move here"

Though I loved our vacation I am glad to be home - not eating out of a cooler and being able to sleep on my own bed.


Friday, June 25, 2010

My Sister from another Mister

Meet my BFF Nikki. I have only known Nikki for a little under 6 years but we have come to the conclusion that we must have been sisters in our past lifes. Twin sisters too! You know how twins will have that weird connection? You know, feel the other ones pain and such? Well that is how Nikki and I are! We will be talking and she will say "Oh I have a headache" and I will be like "Me too!" I really freaked her out the other day because my shoulder was KILLING me. And since we always seem to share each others ailments I sent her an IM and said "Does your neck hurt?" She comes back going "How did you know? I was just rubbing it!"

Let me tell you a bit about my friend Nikki. She works at Honeywell like me. That is where we met. Though she up and took a job at one of the HW in Phoenix! Shame on her!! She has two boys (one who can drive so I guess it is a good thing they are in PHX and not sharing the road with me up here in WA!!), lots of dogs and other pets, and is married to Steve who also works at HW. I cannot pinpoint the exact day we became friends or even really the first day I met her or what I thought of her. I couldn't even say if at the time we really had anything in common. But for some reason we were destined to become friends and as time goes on I understand why! She is my sister from another mister!!

She is someone that will understand when I don't want to talk about something, won't shun me when I say I need space, will give me advice even if it isn't the advice I want and is there for me whenver I need her.

Thank You Nikki for being such a wonderful friend!! I miss you!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Hmm I think this is going to be a tough post for me because I don't necessarily have the fondest memories of my dad - at least not from the most recent years. And well, those first few years are kind of fuzzy!

Now it isn't that my dad is a bad guy, I just don't think he knows how to relate to his own kids. Which sucks because we are pretty great people! But he is able to show more affection for his grandchildren - but then again...You know I think both of my grandpa's were the same way. I don't know if it is because they just don't know exactly what to do as parents and the pressure if off of them when it comes to grandkids.

So what do I remember about my dad - well I have this image in my head of him washing the Starcraft tent trailer and truck right before one of our many camping trips. I remember listening to Hank Williams "Hey Good Lookin' " on 8 track while the whole family sat in the cab of the truck (me on my mom's lap!) and made our way to whatever campground we were staying at that weekend.

I remember (vaguely!) my dad with a full head of black hair. Pictures help with that because it has BEEN eons since he had any other color hair besides gray!!

I have a memory of me holding my dads hand and taking him on some type of tour of our yard. I have no idea why but I think my brother and I had created some type of display/fortress and it was my job to show it and explain it to my dad. There was someone wearing his bathrobe in this image but it must have been me because dad wearing it outside of the house or at all (I don't recall him EVER using/wearing a robe) didn't seem likely.

It must be tough for daddy's to see their little girls grow up. Maybe that is what happened to me and my dad. I hope though that the same will not happen to Chad & Shelby. I want her to always have a special bond with her daddy no matter how old she gets!

Happy Father's Day!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Not much to report

Just created a new background so I thought I would post a quick update. So lets see, what is going on? Shelby has 1.5 days left of school. Then she will be a big 2nd grader! Oh where does the time go????? Where is my baby??

She is excited about summer. Most of the time she will be at Braithburn Academy - this is the same place she went to preschool and they do a summer camp. Everyweek there is a different theme and at least one field trip. We looked over the themes last night and she seemed excited. In July we will be taking a roadtrip through Montana and Wyoming and doing some camping. We will probably visit family in both Montana and Wyoming so that should be fun. In August Chad will be going to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Shelby & I are not going but I am taking the week off so we will do some day adventures. So far we will be swimming at the Cottage Lake Pool, going to the beach and going to the water park up in Snohomish. Hmm, I see a running theme here!!! Let's just hope we have great weather this summer!

I sure do miss being a kid though. I wouldn't mind having the summer off!!

We are going to go over to the lot this weekend. I hope it is just one of many trips this summer!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank You for Being a Friend

If you are like me, when you see/hear/read those words that first thing that comes to mind is The Golden Girls theme song. Today another one of the Golden Girls - Rue McClanahan - passed away. I am sure everyone remembers her character, Blanche Deveraux from the phenomenal show. With her southern accent and stories of her sexual escapades how could you not love her?

I remember watching The Golden Girls when it first came on. I would watch it with my mom on Saturday nights and I just remember at the time thinking "Man, they are old!" Yet they were the age that my mom is now! Hmm, and I think I see some of each of them in my mom and her friends!

I don't think I have ever watched a show where I had trouble picking out my most favorite character. Most shows there is always some characters I like less than others, but I cannot pick a favorite when it comes to this show. From Dorothy saying "Shady Pines Ma! Shady Pines" to Sophia's "Picture it, Cicely 1912" or one of Rose's St Olaf stories, and of course the men of Blanche's Boudoir!! This show just had the best ensemble!

To this day I still watch the reruns whenever they are on, and have even recruited the next generation of Golden Girls with Shelby.

Some day I hope to have my own little group of "Golden Girls" Though I am not sure who I want to be yet!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mommy can I have a baby sister...Pu-lease!?

That is what I heard from my daughter as we were leaving my friends house last night. My friend has an adorable little 1 year old that Shelby just loved playing with. We were barely out of my friends driveway when Shelby asked this question. I chuckled but didn't really respond which caused her to go "Mommy, pu-lease!" All the way home!!

She thought that this was such a great suggestion and pointed out that because we have a couch with seats that recline those would be good if I was pregnant. Where do kids come up with these things?

So we get home and we tell daddy what her request is. Chad's response? "Well if you want a baby sister or brother, we will find you a family that has one and you can go and live with them!"

We have tried to tell Shelby that Harley, our dog, is like having a sibling (I mean she sure fights with Harley like a brother or sister!) but she doesn't believe us!

Hmm, wonder how I can persuade her NOT to want a brother or sister. Any suggestions?


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Oh what a great day! It was a sunny day in Seattle and my husband was so wonderful to take Shelby for the day and let me do whatever I wanted! Which was a whole lot of nothing!!

I got up at 9:30, dinked around on the computer for a bit, cleaned up my scrapbook room, worked on a little book for a friends mother in laws memorial service, had my family bring me home lunch and then took a nice nap. If only every day could be like this!

Funny but I didn't know what to do w/o my family here!! When they are here I only want time to myself but when they are gone I am bored! Not fair!!

Anyway, hard to believe I have been a mommy for 7 years now! There are times when I still look at Shelby (usually when she is sleeping and looks like a little angel!)and just am amazed at what we created. Shelby has turned in to such a smart, beautiful little girl. She makes me laugh, cry and want to pull my hair out on a daily basis but I would not change it for anything! Oh sure, Chad & I joke about life without her but it would be SO boring!

I just hope I am doing right by her and she turns in to a wonderful and beautiful young lady.

Happy Mothers Day!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Respond Damnit!

So I just looked up RSVP up on Wikipedia and it stands for Répondez s'il vous plaît -translation "Respond if you please" And there within lies my problem.

I always went with the assumption that it simply meant "Respond Damnit" no matter what you were RSVPing with - yes, no or maybe. But now I know why people just never respond, because it is basically saying "You don't feel like responding? Heck don't do it!"

Okay, now you are thinking "What has her panties all in a bunch?" Nothing really, it is just that this has always been a pet peeve of mine. It seems that in this day and age people just have no manners with it comes to responding to invites.

Here is what I have been privy to:

* People that say "I am waiting to see what else I have going on" Really? Don't make me wait just because you are waiting for something better to come long....

* People that say "I just don't have the time to RSVP" Seriously? With email and texting nowadays? Hey I can understand in the old days when you had go (aagghh) call someone up and have to talk to them, but now when you can take a minute to send an email? And I mean really...you are already on the computer anyway right???

I loved the guy that told Chad when we got married how there was just too much for him to do when sending in the RSVP for our wedding. Yeah, because it wasn't like I had already done most of the work for him, you know a self addressed stamped envelope. I mean all he had to do was write down how many people were coming and lick the envelope. Oh boy, that sure seems like a lot.....But I digress.

* People that RSVP Yes but then never show up or cancel at the last minute I mean if you aren't going to show up after saying you would I want to learn of a death in your family or that you are missing a limb. You know, just a little proof that you have a legit reason for cancelling on me.

I mean after all if I am asking you to RSVP to something I obviously want you there, and will probably be serving food or something. I need time to prepare and make sure I have supplies and stuff available. Though you may think I am always quite organized and have plenty of food on hand, that is not always the case. And really you may think my house is always clean but it's not. If you aren't planning on coming I want to know so that I veg out instead of cleaning house! Truth be told, I don't enjoy cleaning house.....

I don't know if people have always had issues like this or I just notice it more as an adult. Have we really just started to slack off that much when it comes to decent manners and a simple "Yes" or "No"?

So next time I send out an invite, please don't be offended when I simply say "Respond Damnit!" instead of RSVP.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter Eve!

Not really much to talk about, just hadn't posted in a while and I thought I should.

Not much going on here today. I slept in which on one hand is nice but then on the other hand makes me feel guilty because I am wasting the day away!! Ugh! But here is the part that just made me feel all good inside. It made me realize how independent my daughter is becoming!

So after she wakes up this AM she comes in my room and asks if she can go downstairs and turn on some TV. And off she goes, not needing me to help her. Then when I finally crawled out of bed I go downstairs to find her dressed and grabbing coloring books and crayons so she can entertain herself! Now if I could just get her to clean up after herself....

I am just amazed at the creativity this child has. She is always off in her room playing and coming up with fun little games. Last weekend she created signs for her "Library Book Sale", a while ago she created her own beauty salon. And then give her some paper and pens and she draws away. And what she creates just amaze me!

She is a very special little girl and I really must stop and realize this more often. I have to remember to keep encouraging this creativity.

And on that note... I am off to spend the day with my beautiful daughter!

Friday, March 26, 2010

22 things my children have taught me

My friend posted this to Facebook today and I just had to pass it along! She found it on www.stacyjulian.com)

1. you should buy the decorative band aids

2. shoes are a nuisance

3. cookie dough should be tested for quality control

4. anti-gun laws cannot be enforced as long as you own a spatula

5. for the rest of your life if you see something different, weird or interesting you’ll want to tell your kids (ie, a large yellow duck sitting in the river that runs through Osaka, Japan)

6. a child loves a plastic toy from the dollar store as much as a fancy one from a catalog and they tire of either just as quickly. note: dollar-store toys are easier to get rid of.

7. crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue, paper and Play Doh should be as accessible as your silverware

8. it’s just furniture

9. don’t buy Popsicles if you don’t like sticky sticks all over the house and yard

10. it is easier to get a small stuffed frog into the living room light fixture than out of it

11. there’s no such thing as too much syrup

12. toddler’s can move faster than mom’s can snap (think onsies)

13. kids don’t go on picnics to eat food, so don’t fuss

14. sing in the car

15. the best way to have happy kids is to always give them two choices that you’re ok with

16. skid marks are standard with boys (and girls too!) — just use bleach and don’t fret

17. clean windows and mirrors attract small hands

18. kids will talk, bargain or even sometimes work for ice cream

19. never take personally the cleanliness of a teenager’s room

20. you can’t pick your child’s favorite blanket so don’t even try

21. eating off the floor won’t kill you

22. never say, “When I have kids I’ll never … ” unless you like crow

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A random update

Nothing much going on at our house - I just realized its been over a month since I posted anything so I thought I would do a quick update.

Let me see...what have we been up to? Give me a minute....I am sure we have done something interesting in the past month...Um....hmm.....

My last few weekends have been pretty busy but fun as I have spent them with a wonderful friend. One weekend we went on a scrapbook retreat, the following weekend we went to a sewing expo (and though it was tempting, I will not be taking up sewing anytime soon!) and then this last weekend we chased paper - or in laymans terms - we hit a bunch of scrapbook stores in 1 day!

Other then that, Chad has started the process of building his shop. Egads! Scary but exciting all at the same time. He has also gotten more interested in guns and has added a few new toys to his collection. What is nice about this is that he gets new toys, I get new toys! :) Win-win situation!

Both Shelby & Chad have been sick with stuffy noses and bad coughs. Me, well I just seem to be on the verge of catching something and then NOTHING! I mean really....either I catch it or I don't but none of this in between crap! It means I feel kind of icky but not enough to stay home or have an excuse to just lay around and veg.

So, an update on my resolutions that I posted earlier this year....

1) Eating better/exercising - Yep I have been a good girl (w/a few slip ups here and there) We have started cooking meals from this great book (Cook yourself Thinner)and I have been going to Zumba since the beginning of February. If you haven't tried it, but want to go for it!

2)Temper - hmm, I don't think I am doing good on this one. Gotta work harder!

3)Watch less TV - well that has been easy, with the Olympics and all the reruns I haven't been watching much!

4) Less time on the 'puter - Oops! Hee, hee.....

5) Scrapbook more/buy less supplies - Um....I plead the 5th....

6) Bible Study - I am working on it

7) Get together w/friends more often - CHECK! :)

8) Make new friends - yep, I think I have made a few new friends!

9) Set aside scrapbook $$ for Chad's shop fund - Ha, ha, ha, hahahahahaha!!!!

10) Less coffee - okay I realized that I need coffee to survive so this one will have to be postponed for the time being!!

And that is all from me right now! I am tired (see?!?!?!...damn almost cold!!!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hooray for Hollywood!

I have meant to post sooner than this but just didn't have the energy to do it!

Anyway, for my birthday this year my dear hubby topped himself! We went to LA for 5 glorious days! I have been wanting to go to LA FOREVER and do some celeb stalking! What a great way to spend my 29th birthday right??!! ;-)

Anyway, we went to Universal Studios (LAME), Warner Brothers Studio (AWESOME!!), was able to watch them film an episode of 90210, and was in the audience of The Jay Leno Show! I was really hoping to just be standing in line at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (the Cali version of Starbucks!) and to turn around and OMG there is George Clooney but that didn't happen. Oh well - I saw the wax version of him and that was almost just as good!

All in all it was a great time and a wonderful birthday gift from my hubby!

Friday, January 8, 2010

What could have been

So I am not sure why but in the past few days I have been having those "What if" thoughts. You know the ones! What if I had dated so & so, what if I had taken that job, etc. etc. I sometimes think that I would love to go back in time and change how things evolved (knowing what I know now of course!) You know like Erica in that show "Becoming Erica" on SoapNet!

I guess some of this has come of all the people I have reconnected with via Facebook. I have reconnected with classmates and formed or are forming some great new friendships, but...some of these people I never really hung out with in school! I knew them, I am sure we had classes together but that is the extent of our relationship. It makes me think of why we were not friends back in school and there is this part of me that goes "If I could go back in time..."

But then I tell myself everything happens for a reason! I am meant to be friends with these people now because I need them in my life now. I am the person I am today because of the traumas and the turmoils I had to wade through then!

I have been struggling with some relationships in my life and there are days where I have just had enough. I know I shouldn't give up but when you try and try and get nothing in return it is hard.

I found this quote just a minute ago and I really like it!

“Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”

I want these type of people as friends! Those that care enough to break down my wall instead of turning away!

Are you one of those friends?


Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a Brand New Year

And that being said, I have established a few new years resolutions. I know this is probably a bad idea and I think everyone says "Don't do it!" but I have not been one to listen to others so, I have set some for myself! And I have always been one to try to better myself (TRY being the keyword here people!!)

So here are a few things I want to try to accomplish this year and I decided to post it in a blog so that 1) I can go back and read it and go "Oops, need to get crackin' on that one and 2) so you all that read this can hold me to it!

1.) I need to eat better (i.e. less chocolate and mochas!) and exercise more (need to try to lose 30 lbs!)

2.) Need to keep my anger under control when dealing with Shelby (well and anyone for that reason, but my temper really boils over with her!)

3.) Watch less TV (AKA spend less time sitting on my butt on the couch playing on the laptop)

4.) Spend less time sitting on my butt on the couch playing on the laptop (AKA watch less TV)

5.) Scrapbook more (instead of just collecting supplies!)

6.) Get back in to some type of church/bible study program

7.) Make a point of getting together with friends more often

8.) Make new friends (but keep the old!)

9.) Set aside any spare money made from scrapbooking for Chad's shop (okay, that is just me being silly! Want to see if Chad ever reads my blog!!)

10.) Curb the coffee habit (sad when we pay towards Starbucks in a month the same amount we pay towards fuel for the vehicles!)

So far I have started off well with the exercise/food issue. I have exercised a few times since January 1st and have been trying to watch what I eat - grabbing fruit instead of chocolate. And I was quite proud of myself one day when I just remained calm when Shelby was off throwing a tantrum! Yay me! Now let's just hope I can keep it up for the whole year!

Anyway, off to watch TV...I mean go scrapbook. Yeah, that is it!!