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Monday, June 14, 2010

Not much to report

Just created a new background so I thought I would post a quick update. So lets see, what is going on? Shelby has 1.5 days left of school. Then she will be a big 2nd grader! Oh where does the time go????? Where is my baby??

She is excited about summer. Most of the time she will be at Braithburn Academy - this is the same place she went to preschool and they do a summer camp. Everyweek there is a different theme and at least one field trip. We looked over the themes last night and she seemed excited. In July we will be taking a roadtrip through Montana and Wyoming and doing some camping. We will probably visit family in both Montana and Wyoming so that should be fun. In August Chad will be going to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Shelby & I are not going but I am taking the week off so we will do some day adventures. So far we will be swimming at the Cottage Lake Pool, going to the beach and going to the water park up in Snohomish. Hmm, I see a running theme here!!! Let's just hope we have great weather this summer!

I sure do miss being a kid though. I wouldn't mind having the summer off!!

We are going to go over to the lot this weekend. I hope it is just one of many trips this summer!


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Nikki said...

I like the new background!