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Friday, June 25, 2010

My Sister from another Mister

Meet my BFF Nikki. I have only known Nikki for a little under 6 years but we have come to the conclusion that we must have been sisters in our past lifes. Twin sisters too! You know how twins will have that weird connection? You know, feel the other ones pain and such? Well that is how Nikki and I are! We will be talking and she will say "Oh I have a headache" and I will be like "Me too!" I really freaked her out the other day because my shoulder was KILLING me. And since we always seem to share each others ailments I sent her an IM and said "Does your neck hurt?" She comes back going "How did you know? I was just rubbing it!"

Let me tell you a bit about my friend Nikki. She works at Honeywell like me. That is where we met. Though she up and took a job at one of the HW in Phoenix! Shame on her!! She has two boys (one who can drive so I guess it is a good thing they are in PHX and not sharing the road with me up here in WA!!), lots of dogs and other pets, and is married to Steve who also works at HW. I cannot pinpoint the exact day we became friends or even really the first day I met her or what I thought of her. I couldn't even say if at the time we really had anything in common. But for some reason we were destined to become friends and as time goes on I understand why! She is my sister from another mister!!

She is someone that will understand when I don't want to talk about something, won't shun me when I say I need space, will give me advice even if it isn't the advice I want and is there for me whenver I need her.

Thank You Nikki for being such a wonderful friend!! I miss you!

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Nikki said...

You are the best! And I miss you lots and lots and lots!!