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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dear Cancer, You can go SUCK it!

Dear Cancer,
I am going to be quite frank with you. Usually I try to be kind, not think badly of others but I just can't be that person right now. I don't like you. Wait...I think that is too nice. I despise you with a passion. There I said it!

I am trying really hard to think positively but so far only negative thoughts have surfaced. What exactly is your purpose? I mean everything has to have a good and bad side right? So what is your good side because I only see the bad. I see so many lives of good people affected by your vengeful actions.

I wish for you to go away...far, far away from those that are close to me and that I love. I don't want to have to see them going through the turmoil/stress/heartache anymore!

I am sorry for being so honest. I know this probably hurts your feelings. I am sure you didn't set out to be so hurtful.

I hope in the near future you will not be a part of my life, or my friends lives.