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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I have become one of those people...

I always claimed I would never become one of those people - you know the ones that were like "No calls after 9 pm!" and that I would always be the cool parent and not forbid my kid to watch certain things.

Oh but I have now become one of those people and I realized it last night when some idiot (a wrong number mind you!) called at 10:30 last night! I almost felt like calling them back and going "Hey idiot! I have a kid sleeping! You shouldn't call people after 9 pm!!"

When did I become the uncool person I told myself I would never become? I mean I think I am still a bit more relaxed them some people out there but for the most part I have become that anal, responsible adult! Aacckk!!

Did it happen the day Shelby was born or did it happen before then? Did it develop over time since she was born or just come over me one day?? Is it a result of becoming a parent or is it just a part of becoming an adult?

It is funny how kids always want to be older, but they don't realize being an adult isn't always that much fun. Oh the times that I wish I could just be a kid again and have no cares in the world. And would probably sleep right through that 10:30 pm phone call!