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Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Long Interesting Weekend!

What a weekend it has been! Full of fun, frustrations, bratty kids and sun!

So Chad decided that we should head over to the lot this weekend since it was a long weekend (the 4th of July) and we were going to be home (most years we have been in Montana) So we got all packed, Shelby invited a friend and off we went!

Until....this happened!


Luckily I was at a point where I could easily pull off AND my cell phone still had enough charge that I could call Chad and tell him to come and turn around! Another good thing was that we had the motorhome so we had a nice comfy place to hang out while we were waiting for the tow truck.
So after Chad's parents came to loan us their truck (and to make sure our truck got towed home okay!) we continued on our way to camp for the weekend!
Saturday was spent playing games, going for a walk , picking up free couches (I mean who doesnt' do this on Saturdays?), heading to Lake Wenatchee for some water fun and sun and then off to Lake Chelan for fireworks!


I love camping but I also love the creature comforts of home...and a nice warm shower!