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Monday, May 3, 2010

Respond Damnit!

So I just looked up RSVP up on Wikipedia and it stands for Répondez s'il vous plaît -translation "Respond if you please" And there within lies my problem.

I always went with the assumption that it simply meant "Respond Damnit" no matter what you were RSVPing with - yes, no or maybe. But now I know why people just never respond, because it is basically saying "You don't feel like responding? Heck don't do it!"

Okay, now you are thinking "What has her panties all in a bunch?" Nothing really, it is just that this has always been a pet peeve of mine. It seems that in this day and age people just have no manners with it comes to responding to invites.

Here is what I have been privy to:

* People that say "I am waiting to see what else I have going on" Really? Don't make me wait just because you are waiting for something better to come long....

* People that say "I just don't have the time to RSVP" Seriously? With email and texting nowadays? Hey I can understand in the old days when you had go (aagghh) call someone up and have to talk to them, but now when you can take a minute to send an email? And I mean really...you are already on the computer anyway right???

I loved the guy that told Chad when we got married how there was just too much for him to do when sending in the RSVP for our wedding. Yeah, because it wasn't like I had already done most of the work for him, you know a self addressed stamped envelope. I mean all he had to do was write down how many people were coming and lick the envelope. Oh boy, that sure seems like a lot.....But I digress.

* People that RSVP Yes but then never show up or cancel at the last minute I mean if you aren't going to show up after saying you would I want to learn of a death in your family or that you are missing a limb. You know, just a little proof that you have a legit reason for cancelling on me.

I mean after all if I am asking you to RSVP to something I obviously want you there, and will probably be serving food or something. I need time to prepare and make sure I have supplies and stuff available. Though you may think I am always quite organized and have plenty of food on hand, that is not always the case. And really you may think my house is always clean but it's not. If you aren't planning on coming I want to know so that I veg out instead of cleaning house! Truth be told, I don't enjoy cleaning house.....

I don't know if people have always had issues like this or I just notice it more as an adult. Have we really just started to slack off that much when it comes to decent manners and a simple "Yes" or "No"?

So next time I send out an invite, please don't be offended when I simply say "Respond Damnit!" instead of RSVP.


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Nikki said...

I LOVE IT AND TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! People have no common courtesy anymore!