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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mommy can I have a baby sister...Pu-lease!?

That is what I heard from my daughter as we were leaving my friends house last night. My friend has an adorable little 1 year old that Shelby just loved playing with. We were barely out of my friends driveway when Shelby asked this question. I chuckled but didn't really respond which caused her to go "Mommy, pu-lease!" All the way home!!

She thought that this was such a great suggestion and pointed out that because we have a couch with seats that recline those would be good if I was pregnant. Where do kids come up with these things?

So we get home and we tell daddy what her request is. Chad's response? "Well if you want a baby sister or brother, we will find you a family that has one and you can go and live with them!"

We have tried to tell Shelby that Harley, our dog, is like having a sibling (I mean she sure fights with Harley like a brother or sister!) but she doesn't believe us!

Hmm, wonder how I can persuade her NOT to want a brother or sister. Any suggestions?


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Nikki said...

Too bad you can't "rent a baby" for a few days. She may change her mind when she has to help with diapers, when the baby is crying all night, and when the baby gets more attention than she does. ;)