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Friday, August 20, 2010

Sale-ing, we went Garage Sale-ing

Now re-read that title to the tune of "Sailing" by Christopher Cross, cuz that is what I am doing!

So today is my last day of my stay-cation. Today Shelby & I went garage sale-ing. Or I should say, I went garage sale-ing and Shelby stayed in the car. I only had $30 and wouldn't say I found any great items or deals or anything I couldn't have lived without but I found a few things I am proud of!

3 sets of flip flops - grand total $2
New set of cute jammies - $2
One of those backpack picnic basket things - $6
One of those thingys that hold your alcohol bottles and dispenses it a shot at a time - $5
The Great Muppet Caper (on VHS no less!) $.50
Cannonball Run II (on DVD!) $1

Garage sales are such a funny thing. When you have them, as I have, you are amazed to see what you think will be the big hitters and what items actually are. Then there are the people that either 1) drive by slowly and never stop or 2) stop but get out and just do a quick run through of the sale. You gotta take it slow people! You never know what treasure may be tucked in there amongst the stuff! And a drive by?? Come on! Do you have super human vision or something and can see all the cool stuff from that far away? Stop your car and get out!

I saw a crum-ka-ka (sorry about the spelling!) iron at one garage sale today. The lady said I was the first person to know what it was. I almost got it. It was $1!! My mom would have been so proud of me! Not that I have the faintest idea how to make crum-ka-ka or ever would....

I am always amazed at the people that think they have enough for a garage sale. Let's put out two items and consider it a garage sale. Now those are the ones I would drive by. At least make it look like there is some possible treasures there people!! Or the prices on some of the stuff - are you seriously trying to get rid of it or just wanted to brag at all the cool stuff you have by setting it out in your driveway and saying it is a "garage sale"?

I was VERY tempted to buy the Atari system and the games. Had Chad or Mike been there I am sure they would have snatched it up right away. Actually I was a bit surprised it was still there.

Anyway, off to admire my treasures again!

Happy Sale-ing!!

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