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Monday, August 23, 2010

Going without Facebook: Day 1

So after my terrible mood yesterday, and my grumpy, crabby, whiny statuses I kept posting, I decided I needed to give everyone a break from me and am going to not log on to Facebook for a week. Wish me luck!!

So today is the first day and I must say...I did cheat a bit. I tweeted which automatically updates my Facebook page! But that was only to tell people I am taking a break and to apologize for my issues yesterday. I am going through slight withdrawals though. I turned on the computer and went to the internet to come her to update my blog and what do I immediately type in the search bar but www.facebook.com! Oops!! Hee, hee! But once the page came up I immediately closed it down!

So there will probably be more posts from me this week since, well, I don't have anything better to do on the computer then check email. The only other thing I normally do is go to Facebook. Guess I will get caught up on blog reading too. I mean I follow quite a few but rarely ready what is on there.

Off to purchase some software so I can retrieve my photos that were accidentally deleted off of my camera. Oh joy.


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