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Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a Brand New Year

And that being said, I have established a few new years resolutions. I know this is probably a bad idea and I think everyone says "Don't do it!" but I have not been one to listen to others so, I have set some for myself! And I have always been one to try to better myself (TRY being the keyword here people!!)

So here are a few things I want to try to accomplish this year and I decided to post it in a blog so that 1) I can go back and read it and go "Oops, need to get crackin' on that one and 2) so you all that read this can hold me to it!

1.) I need to eat better (i.e. less chocolate and mochas!) and exercise more (need to try to lose 30 lbs!)

2.) Need to keep my anger under control when dealing with Shelby (well and anyone for that reason, but my temper really boils over with her!)

3.) Watch less TV (AKA spend less time sitting on my butt on the couch playing on the laptop)

4.) Spend less time sitting on my butt on the couch playing on the laptop (AKA watch less TV)

5.) Scrapbook more (instead of just collecting supplies!)

6.) Get back in to some type of church/bible study program

7.) Make a point of getting together with friends more often

8.) Make new friends (but keep the old!)

9.) Set aside any spare money made from scrapbooking for Chad's shop (okay, that is just me being silly! Want to see if Chad ever reads my blog!!)

10.) Curb the coffee habit (sad when we pay towards Starbucks in a month the same amount we pay towards fuel for the vehicles!)

So far I have started off well with the exercise/food issue. I have exercised a few times since January 1st and have been trying to watch what I eat - grabbing fruit instead of chocolate. And I was quite proud of myself one day when I just remained calm when Shelby was off throwing a tantrum! Yay me! Now let's just hope I can keep it up for the whole year!

Anyway, off to watch TV...I mean go scrapbook. Yeah, that is it!!

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