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Monday, December 28, 2009

Truth be known, I am getting old

No matter how hard I tell myself that I am eternally 29, the rest of me just doesn't seem to listen!! My body aches, I prefer sitting at home on the couch in the evenings to going out with friends and whoopin' it up. Oh I don't mind getting together with friends but I really hope it only involves nothing more than sitting on THEIR couch!!

With the year end fastly approaching us I start to think of our New Years Eve plans. We had talked about getting together with friends but then we all agreed that just sitting at our respective homes works fine for all of us! Part of me is going "Can I even stay up until midnight?" Maybe I will just celebrate New Years in Australia or something like that. Aren't they 12 hrs ahead of us? So I can celebrate at noon and go to bed early that night! I am such a party animal!

Anyway, if I do not post another post before then, I wish everyone a safe & happy New Years!

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