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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays

So I know some of this will be a repeat for you since you will be (or have) received our Xmas card in the mail. But I also want to "send" this to those of you that I do not have an address for or was not able to send a card to.

But here is our Christmas letter for the year!

So some wise man once told me – okay, I really don’t know if he was wise or not, or if it was even a man, but anyway, someone once told me in these Christmas letters to just start at the beginning of the year and go through each month and mention the high points. So really…this letter should be quite short!

Okay, so January I turned 29….again! You know this means if I have stopped at 29 then no one else has aged either! Isn’t that nice of me??!! You are welcome!!

This year we also added a new addition to our family – a puppy that we named Harley! You were really hoping we had added a new kid to our family huh? Believe me, Harley makes it feel like we have two kids (“Mom, Harley is looking at me! Now she is breathing on me. MOM!!!”). She is a Border Collie/Airedale mix and even though it has taken some getting used to we just love her! And she really is a good little puppy.

About a week after we got Harley I went to Vegas for the weekend to see my dear friend Nikki. She moved to Arizona about 3 ½ years ago and I miss her terribly though we talk almost every day via email or IM (instant messaging). But we needed a Girls Weekend so we met in Vegas. She invited her SIL Jane (who is the mother of Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys) She is very nice and the three of us had a wonderful time!

In April we went down to Long Beach (WA of course) for spring break. You have to love Long Beach with Marsh’s museum and all the fun little shops! We also checked out a few lighthouses as well as made a trip to Portland for a swap meet and stopped at a few touristy spots in Astoria.

In May I broke my little toe! I would love to provide you with this heroic story of how I ran in to a burning house to save some small children, but in all honesty I was walking (yes you heard me…walking not running!) in to our bedroom and smacked it against one of the posts on the footboard. I have never broken a single bone in my 33…I mean 29 yrs of life and then I go and break my little toe! Luckily it was during the spring/summer so I could wear flip flops all summer!

In July Shelby & I went with my friend Jen & her girls to Ocean Shores for the weekend. Shelby says it was “The Best Trip EVER!” Hmm, I would have thought that, that honor would have been reserved for our trip to Disneyland two years ago, but okay…….

In August Chad & I took separate trips. He wanted to go to Bonneville/Salt Flats again (we went on our way to Disneyland). So he went with a friend of his and Shelby & I did a couple day trips. We camped up at Lake Riley with my friend Michelle, her fiancĂ© and his daughter. Then we went to Seattle to “Ride the Ducks.” That was fun!! Just reminds me of all the history and fun facts about Seattle! We also went to Point Defiance Zoo where we rode a camel (I sat on the hump…it was not comfortable) and Shelby got to feed some birdies. Then we ended the week by Chad getting home and us jumping in the car to head down to Long Beach with my mom, her friend Linda, my bro and his kids.

Back to school in September! Shelby started the 1st grade this year. So far she is doing AWESOME in school and she LOVES to read (just like her mommy!). Also, my BFF Nikki came to visit for a week. She went with us to the Miley Cyrus concert which happened to fall on Chad & my anniversary. And yes…Chad went with us! What a way to celebrate our 9th anniversary!

Other than that we have just been up to the usual – scrapbooking, working in the yard, working on the hot rods. Chad has been doing additional research on building a shop. So far the land is still untouched. He will be taking donations soon so if you have any extra change……

Happy Holidays everyone!

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