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Sunday, November 14, 2010

I am thankful for...

So I keep seeing on Facebook how people are posting one item they are thankful for each day. I guess I am a few days behind being we are already on Day 14 of November! I do like this idea and should have done it from the start but since I haven't I will come up with 14 items now!!

I am thankful

1. that I am relatively healthy
2. I can dance because it means I have the use of my legs
3. for the roof over my head
4. for a wonderful husband that spoils me even sometimes when I don't deserve it
5. for a well paying job even though I do get frustrated often!
6. for a daughter that is sometimes smarter than me!
7. for wonderful friends that are there for me no matter how crazy I may act!
8. cars that continue to run (though not always the best) and get me from point A to point B safely
9. for being blessed with the people in my life though they may no longer be with me
10. for the memories those people have left behind
11. for music because it means I can hear (though sometimes not very well - I think they call that selective hearing!)
12. for my daughters stubborn streak even though I want to strangle her most days - it means she has a very strong head on her shoulders and won't allow anyone to boss her around
13. for our furry child because she makes us laugh
14. for my pudgy tummy because it means I carried and delivered a healthy baby girl that has made the last 8 years very memorable!


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