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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A random update

Nothing much going on at our house - I just realized its been over a month since I posted anything so I thought I would do a quick update.

Let me see...what have we been up to? Give me a minute....I am sure we have done something interesting in the past month...Um....hmm.....

My last few weekends have been pretty busy but fun as I have spent them with a wonderful friend. One weekend we went on a scrapbook retreat, the following weekend we went to a sewing expo (and though it was tempting, I will not be taking up sewing anytime soon!) and then this last weekend we chased paper - or in laymans terms - we hit a bunch of scrapbook stores in 1 day!

Other then that, Chad has started the process of building his shop. Egads! Scary but exciting all at the same time. He has also gotten more interested in guns and has added a few new toys to his collection. What is nice about this is that he gets new toys, I get new toys! :) Win-win situation!

Both Shelby & Chad have been sick with stuffy noses and bad coughs. Me, well I just seem to be on the verge of catching something and then NOTHING! I mean really....either I catch it or I don't but none of this in between crap! It means I feel kind of icky but not enough to stay home or have an excuse to just lay around and veg.

So, an update on my resolutions that I posted earlier this year....

1) Eating better/exercising - Yep I have been a good girl (w/a few slip ups here and there) We have started cooking meals from this great book (Cook yourself Thinner)and I have been going to Zumba since the beginning of February. If you haven't tried it, but want to go for it!

2)Temper - hmm, I don't think I am doing good on this one. Gotta work harder!

3)Watch less TV - well that has been easy, with the Olympics and all the reruns I haven't been watching much!

4) Less time on the 'puter - Oops! Hee, hee.....

5) Scrapbook more/buy less supplies - Um....I plead the 5th....

6) Bible Study - I am working on it

7) Get together w/friends more often - CHECK! :)

8) Make new friends - yep, I think I have made a few new friends!

9) Set aside scrapbook $$ for Chad's shop fund - Ha, ha, ha, hahahahahaha!!!!

10) Less coffee - okay I realized that I need coffee to survive so this one will have to be postponed for the time being!!

And that is all from me right now! I am tired (see?!?!?!...damn almost cold!!!)

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