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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My kid is a Genius!!

Well in my eyes at least! We went for our first of many parent/teacher conferences today. Shelby's teacher could not quit telling us what a gem Shelby is. I was a bit puzzled though when she said this was MY daughter Shelby. I was thinking for a minute there that maybe there was another Shelby in the class and the teacher was mixing the two of them up. I mean she said how organized Shelby was, how she listens, behaves. That can't be my daughter!!

Well at least she acts that way for her teacher. That is all I can ask. Basically Shelby is doing well in all areas. She gets a little upset when she doesn't get something right away but her teacher just says to keep her chin up and keep trying. The only area we can help with is sounding things out which we have started to do. But other then that she knows her numbers really well, good at math, etc. etc. I could not be more proud!!

Oh and tonight I was working on the computer and I heard all this noise in the kitchen. I turn around and she had gotten 3 plates out of the cupboard, gotten out sandwich fixings and was making sandwiches for us!!

I am a proud mama!

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