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Saturday, November 22, 2008

I met a celebrity....well almost...twice

So if you want to know...I would like to meet someone famous. The closest I have ever gotten was when we went to a Chris Isaak concert and he came in to the audience and stood right in front of us. Oh sure...I could have reached out and touched him but no time to get an autograph (he was singing) and no photo :(

So this last week I was listening to the radio and I heard that one of the actors from General Hospital was going to be in town. I was like "WOOHOO!" because I am constantly looking in my Soap Opera Digest as to where there might be fan events and I am always bummed when they are always in places like California or Florida. But...did you know that the mall he was at (South Hill mall) is in Puyallup? And he was only going to be there from 1:30-2:30. I really didn't want to drive that far (I am sure it is at least an hour away) and then not actually get to meet him. So I opted not to go.

Now my second celebrity almost meeting was actually more virtual. My BFF lives in Arizona and her husband is the uncle of Nick Carter who is in the group Backstreet Boys. They were going to the concert yesterday and were going to get to go backstage to meet the guys. She was going to get a T-shirt, have them all sign it and have the one member call me! But....Nick was sick, in the hospital in LA and the concert was cancelled!! This just proved to me that I was not meant to meet/talk to a celebrity this weekend.

Some day I hope to meet someone famous! That will be my dieing wish. So remember that when you are all sobbing and surrounding me while I am on my death bed - my dieing wish is to meet a celebrity!! So please make sure my wish comes true!!

I'd rather be scrapbooking but...I made the mistake of curling up underneath my down throw and now I am toasty warm and do not want to move!!!

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Nikki said...

No worries! It is my BFF duty to get you and Brian to meet! :) Next time BSB get to Seattle, I'll see what I can do. K?