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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yes Shelby, There really is a Santa Claus

I cannot believe that Christmas has already come and gone. It just always seems to sneak up on us so quickly each year. In fact the whole year had gone by so quickly!

This Christmas sure has been different. With all of this snow I don't think anything has gone as planned. Our Christmas went from 2 days of celebration to 3. We altered our plans from opening gifts Christmas morning to opening them Christmas Eve. I am thinking this might be something we do in future years. Santa will still bring one gift Christmas morning of course! We spent a quiet night at home Christmas Eve, just the three of us and it was VERY pleasant!

This year I was really able to see the whole Christmas holiday through the eyes of a child. Just watching Shelby's excitement over the littlest things was so special. She was so excited to put up the Christmas decorations, to track Santa online. It broke my heart to see how upset she was when we told her family couldn't make it out on Christmas Eve because of the weather.

I realized that I have a very special little girl and I am SO thankful for my family!

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