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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blogs, blogs everywhere....

So my friend (and also my CTMH upline) mentioned to me tonight that she had a blog. And I was like...a friend of mine has a blog and I don't know about it and/or have a link on my blog?? Well she does now! So check out the Bizzy Mom blog! The link is to the right!

And...she doesn't write on it very often but I figure if she knows we are all reading it that she will write more!!

Not much else from me tonight. Things have been pretty dull around here. I went out with two of my closest friends last night and we are all really pathetic! We were home by 11! But it was fun! I think the waiter was hitting on me until my friend mentioned I was married :( Oh well.....

Well off to the last week of summer. Shelby starts school the following week so "summer vacation" will be over. This will be a transition for all of us. A good one but just different..ya know??

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