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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Same Time, Next Year

Well we went to the Motley Crue concert on Friday. Well Crue Fest actually. Motley Crue was the headlinder (duh!) and the other bands were Papa Roach, Sixx:AM, Buckcherry, and one other one I have never heard of nor did we get there in time to see.

Speaking of not getting there in time...We left work at 3, the concert started at 5. It should not have taken 2 hrs but it did! We got there after 5! But like I said, I never heard of the first band so no skin off of my nose on that!

What great people watching! The world is full of such a vast group of people! The most fun were the lady with the too tight pants, too short shirt and her muffin top pokin out in between the two pieces of clothing. She seems um, a little out of it (aka drunk and/or stoned) and kept wrestling with her friends and her kids. Yes, you read me correctly - kids! There were kids there! Like between the ages of 6-8! Amazing! Then there was the drunk guy and his friend next to us. Several times we chased after the drunk guy to bring him back to his friend! :)

So the morning of the concert I asked Chad which car we were driving that day. He said the Landcruiser because it would be easier to find after the concert. Smart guy! Smarter then the Yellow Shirt girls. First off...the one girl wore spiked heals! And the parking lot was all gravel! So after the concert we were sitting in the car, not moving, and watched the Yellow Shirt girls walk by one, two, three times. Chad mutters under his breath "It's a silver Honda!" And that is why we did not drive the blue Acura - that looks like every other car!!

So then it took us 2 hrs to get home too! But...overall we had a great time!! So, same time next year!!

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