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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Oh my goodness. I am one lucky mommy! I have the best daughter in the whole world!

So the little munchkin has been excited for the past week getting ready for Mother's Day. Earlier in the week she was getting some flowers ready for me, then later in the week she was telling me I could not get up before 6 am (um...yeah, no problem there!) Then last night she set her alarm clock for...you guessed it, 6 am. However only I woke up to the music playing when it went off. When she did get up she came to get daddy so they could start making me breakfast.

After I dozed back off for a bit I heard them coming up the stairs and kept my eyes closed until Shelby called out my name. There on my breakfast tray was toast, eggs, bacon and OJ. The best part though, was this beautiful little flower that sat high and proud!

Then the hubby and kiddo were off as I got to veg and watch a movie. Then it was off for a free haircut at Great Clips, followed by a mocha coconut frapp and then back home to relax a bit longer until my fam was back with a rose bush, two cards and an iPhone!! :) My family rocks!

Happy Mother's Day!

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