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Friday, October 19, 2012

South to Drop Off, North to Pick Up

So don't get me wrong, I love Shelby's school. I love the teachers, the staff, the kids, the families but I do have one pet peeve. One that just makes me angry every time I have to pick Shelby up from school. And that is the issue of the parking lot/pick up area.

So at Shelby school you drive in and to the right is the bus circle. A little further up is a spot where parents can pull up to the curb (great for quick morning drop offs). And then you have regular ol' parking. There are signs posted that say "Please Pull Forward" and "Do Not Leave Your Car Unattended" Yet every time I go there in the afternoon (and I am always running late mind you!) I get there and can barely even turn into the school driveway because people are backed all the way up to the main road, they are blocking the bus area AND they have not pulled forward! I mean there is like a whole car length between cars!

I am a parent, so I understand wanting to get that prime curb spot. And I wouldn't mind it being right between the main entrance and the bus area so I know Shelby will see me but I am not going to get there early and park right in the middle before any other cars get there just for that spot.

So I think my new job is going to be Parking Lot Nazi. Expect to see me soon in my orange vest with my flaggers. And if you are sitting in your car (or God Forbid...you have left it unattended!) be warned that I will come knocking on your car window to keep on moving!

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