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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Letter to Alicia

Dear Alicia,
Oh where do I begin? Is it with the simple statement that I wish I wasn't even having to write this? Or how it brings tears to my eyes that you will not be able to read it? But then again...the Internet is everywhere so maybe Heaven has it as well? :)

So many emotions are raging through me right now. I am sad you are gone, I am angry that you were taken from us way too early, I feel guilty that I sometimes take life for granted when it can be taken away from any of us so easily.

Then I have ridiculously silly thoughts pop through my head like "Well she won't have to worry about if she shaved her legs or not before wearing shorts!" or "Won't she be glad that she won't have to read all of those political jab statuses on Facebook!" Silly right? I mean we would all rather have you here (and I am sure you would want to be here!) to even worry about those things!

I know we weren't the closest of friends, but I was thankful to call you a friend! I can only wish to be as caring and compassionate as you were. To see the outpouring of messages to you and your family just warms my heart. I hope that when I leave this earth that I leave behind as many loved ones as you did!

You will be missed but you will always be with us. If not in our hearts then in your boys who will carry on your legacy. We will be able to take a glance at them and see a little part of you - be it in their looks, thoughts/ideas, or even their attitude!

Don't worry as we will keep an eye on all of your boys, even the big one! Chad is seeing to that! I foresee Flat Alicia going on many motorcycle rides with them!

Hugs until we meet again!

Your Friend,

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