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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Life is a Tough Mother F!cker!

Seriously I wish I had known what life would like like at 39 when I was a kid! I remember always wanting to be older than I was, and wanting to be an "adult". Oh what a naive little kid I was! Being an adult sucks a$s! Okay, okay it doesn't suck a$s all the time, but those huge life moments happen more often then I would like and are a lot tougher to get through than any "issue" I had as a kid!

I have had a chance to really re-evaluate my life these past 4 months. Being unemployed (and bored!) gives you plenty of time to do that! So what, you ask, have I come to realize or what changes have I made? Well glad you asked!

1.) I realized who are the people I want in my life. These are people that stand by me no matter what my mood may be. The ones that will curse and cry right along with me about how unfair life is. These are the friends that will drop everything at the last minute and invite me to a coffee (or drink) date because they know I need it. They are the ones that make time for me even in the midst of their busy lives

2.) Meditation REALLY does work! I was always a bit skeptical about it, but maybe that was just because I wasn't sure how to go about doing it or never felt I had the time for it. However I have learned that we need to make time for it, or at least for a few moments just to allow our body and soul to have a little siesta. It doesn't even have to take long, and you don't have to get in any weird position, and go "Ummmmmm!" It can be as quick as 2 minutes (though I prefer a good 5 minutes for those rushed days!) and it's really just about the breathing. It's also about acknowledging how you may be feeling and simply saying "Hello there anxiety! I am not going to let you get to me today!"

3.) Life can suck, but someone else's life probably sucks more than yours. Yes I have been unemployed the past 4 months. I went through some crappy accusations about my work ethic that really tore me down. I knew these words were not true but you do still stop and question it. So I was not only unemployed, but was having my unemployment benefits questioned. I was questioning my purpose on this earth in general. What was I hear for? Life sucked. But you know what...I was healthy, my family was healthy, we had family helping us out by treating us to dinner or letting them clean their house for some extra cash (Thanks mom!).  Even though people may not let you see it, everyone is struggling inside with something!

4.) I have magic powers! No I have not taken up any hallucinate drugs, I really do have magic powers! Okay, maybe not, but I have realized how the powers of positive thinking can create life-changing results. I have taken to writing in a journal again after YEARS (like 16!) and I joked to Chad that it was a magic journal because what I wrote in it came true! Granted not quite the way I wanted it to, but true non the less. I was talking about this with a friend who pointed me towards the Laws of Attraction. This is basically a philosophy used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. I started to look back on things that had happened in my life and was like "OMG, it's true!" Maybe it's pure coincidence but then again, maybe it's not! Hmm, wonder what my superhero name should be... :)
You can check out more about this here http://www.thesecret.tv/

5.) Treasure those little moments because who knows how long you will be able to. You just never know when your time on this planet will be over. We don't want to consider death of ourselves or our loved ones but it is inevitable. Hopefully it is off in the far future, but you just never know. So tell your friends and family that you love them (and yes sometimes it is okay to say "Right now you are really annoying me but I still love you!"), enjoy the little things like a sunny day (or even a rainy day when you can curl up underneath a blankie with your kitty, a cup of coffee and a good book!). Appreciate your daughter's HUGE stubborn streak because you know it will be a good trait to have in the future (but not so great when you are trying to raise her and her stubborn streak clashes with your stubborn streak!)

I am not perfect and I don't claim to be. I also know that even though I am in a better place now, that there will continue to be tough times ahead. I just hope I can continue to look past the negative and remain positive and thankful for what God has given me!

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