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Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh where, oh where can my baby be?? Kindergarten took her away from me...

My baby is gone! She got on the bus Friday my little baby and got off the bus a big school ager!! When did she grow up on me!!!???

Well Shelby seems to enjoy school. When we got her off the bus on Friday she could not stop talking! All about the bus, kids in her class, who she played with at recess. And she got very annoyed by me asking TONS of questions. I really got to watch that!

And to top it off...she lost her second tooth! She lost the first on last Sunday and the other at school on Friday! Too much for a mommy to take in a weeks time!!! My heart...is...breaking!!!!

On another note, we went to Seaside for a car show this past weekend. It was sure nice to get away, at least for a few days. And Shelby loves going to the "beach house". Plus we had extra spending $$ and it's always great to spend money where there is no sales tax!! WOOHOO!!!

I'd rather be scrapbooking but I twisted my neck over the weekend and I can barely lift it! I am in severe pain and think I am going to go crawl in to bed now.....

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