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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hi-ho, Hi-ho it's off to school we went....

Last night was the first (of many) school programs at Shelby's school. Last night it was the "Bite of Stillwater" They had various local restaurants there with food (pizza, gyros, teriyaki, espresso, cookies) and then there were raffle tickets that you could buy to try to win gift baskets that the various classes had provided.

Originally it was suppose to be nice yesterday but it was gray and drizzly all day! But we went anyway! My friend who lives near the school and has a 1st grader wasn't going and I asked if she wanted us to take her daughter with. Boy, were the girls excited about that! And even though her friends dad ended up going she still went with us.

Boy, did they have a good time! They ran in to another friend of theirs and the girls were playing ring around the rosie and just having a great old time!

Overall the evening was a success. Even Chad enjoyed himself! (I know, surprise, surprise!)Shelby was upset because she did not win one of the baskets. Join the club kiddo! I never win anything either!!

It is just fun and somewhat bittersweet to watch Shelby transition in to this new milestone in her life. Each day she seems to work a little bit more towards gaining her independence and though I do want her to be independent it saddens me that my little baby is growing up!

Oh the joys of being a parent.

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