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Sunday, October 5, 2008

F to the R to the E to the E.....

So Shelby was singing a cute little diddy earlier tonight and I was like "Where have I heard that before?" and I was racking my brain through all of her Disney channel, Noggin shows and nothing. So I asked where that was from and Chad pipes up with "A commercial" Are any of you familiar with the freecredit.com commercials with the catchy tunes? There is one where the guy is riding around on to a bicycle and singing. Man...my kid watches too much television!!!

So nothing really to report. We have all been down with "The Cold". I cannot believe how quickly it came on! I went to work Tuesday and felt totally fine. In the afternoon I started to sneeze. Okay...no biggy. I sneeze all of the time. Well by the time I got home my sinuses were starting to bug me and my nose was running. I had planned to see a movie with my mom (Nights in Rodanthe) and though I wasn't feeling all that great I didn't want to cancel. Well by the time the movie was over my sinuses were about to explode and my mom could notice the difference from the time I had picked her up to the time I dropped her off. I have NO idea how I got home because I felt SO miserable! I thought that once I got in to bed I would be fine but NO!!! Basically I felt like my head was going to explode for the next 24 hours. I stayed home from work TWO days! And even this weekend I noticed that I just lack energy!! Why is it that Shelby has the same thing but she showed no signs of feeling miserable besides having the runny nose and coughing! I mean she was still running around and made it to school all week.....

So, in a month little Miss Shelby will be 6! Ooh, she will turn 6 on the 6th! What is that?? Her golden birthday??? I think I talked her out of the expensive places! One place was $25/person and the other place was like $300! UGH!! So I think I have talked her in to a "makeover" party. I am still kind of rolling the ideas around in my head so we will see what I come up with.

And on that note...I am going to go put on something a little more comfortable (boom chicka boom boom!!) and veg in front of the TV.

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Nikki said...

OMG - David actually rewinds those dang commercials until he has them memorized! He knows EVERY SINGLE ONE! I think Alex does too. And now because I read your blog I am running around Germany singing "F to the R...." AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!