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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Picture it...Woodinville...1994

(What is sad is that my photos from 1994 actually did look like this!)

Not much to say. Just thought I would write a new post. I am actually sitting here racking my brain thinking that there has to be something that has happened since my last post to talk about but my mind is blank!! A clean slate, white as the fallen snow, nobody is home!

I went shopping with my friend Yvonne today. That was fun! And we didn't really buy much! I got a few things that were on sale. And we aren't talking like a few $$ off - I got a jacket that was originally $44 for $19.99 - though they tried to charge me $24.99! And I got a shirt for $8.99 that was originally $30! I mean, could I really pass that up????

I hate colds. I hate colds that linger! Luckily I don't feel like I did last week where I was positive that my head was going to explode into little itty bitty pieces but the cough is there and the nose still gets stuffed up. UGH!!!!

I heard someone say the other day that there are like 78 days left until Christmas. YIKES!! And I have so much other stuff going on - Shelby's birthday and party, I am doing a baby shower for my friend and then I am planning a crop/card workshop. I don't know why I am getting stressed. I mean it's not like I have any thing else going on. I mean I basically get home in the evenings and veg, watch TV and surf the net and emails. This just means that I will have to get some ambition and actually do something in the evenings! I probably should do this anyway because well I am not getting any younger and the fat doesn't just disappear off of my body from sitting on the couch. But if it did....dude I would be SKINNY!!!!

I'd Rather be scrapbooking but instead I will veg on the couch, watch TV and surf the net!

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