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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I should not be allowed to vote.....

So my absentee ballot for this upcoming election has just been sitting next to the couch. Today I finally grabbed it and decided that the ideal time to fill it out was on the way to work. Please note that Chad was driving! I was in the passenger seat!!

So I am reading through them and commented a few time on the candidates, who they were, etc. etc. In some cases Chad would say "That is the incumbent" so I was like "Hmm, they seemed to have done a good job these past 4 yrs, let's vote for them!" Then there was the guy who's last name was McKenna. Well that is my nieces name! So I had to vote for him!! I am sure some of you are cringing right now!!

So anyway I filled out the ballot and stuck it in the envelope and stuck it in the mail at work. I felt so proud of myself until I was driving to the grocery store tonight and realized....I forgot to put a stamp on my envelope! Sigh!!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure if the mailroom at work will catch it (and send it back to me) or if the postal service will see that it is an election ballot and ignore the postage issue. If nothing else I hope they send it back to me and I can put on postage and get it back out before the 4th!!

Really, I should not be allowed to vote. When I registered I should have received a rejection notice!!

I should be scrapbooking but I'd rather just veg on the couch and complain and whine and stew over everything that isn't going right in my life.......

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